by Michael Ambros, Founder & CEO of eKomi

Here’s the situation: You have a brick and mortar business. Your business has an online presence. You know that many current customers and future prospects do research online before making a purchase. They look for specifications, sizes, colors, warranties, prices, availability, hours, and location.

Then they read reviews. Positive reviews and a high average rating mean more chances to keep current customers and convert new ones. So, how do you get these ratings? How do you request more feedback? Specifically, how can you make it easy for customers to rate your business and leave you a review?

Marketers have long known that a customer must be exposed to a message seven times before it takes hold—this is called the rule of seven. You’ll most likely have to ask for reviews several times during your customer’s visit. Make it easy for the customer to leave you one. It’s important to mention that you want their review before the person leaves the store. Once they’re out the door, your chances of getting that review drop to around zero.

1. Post signs in areas where your customers linger. continue reading

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