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Law is one of the most invaluable aspects of community organization and growth. It is central to the development of any group of people who intend to achieve a common goal. In this StarInsights report, eKomi looks to evaluate the legal services provided by paralegal firms. Giving legal advice is one of the main focuses of these paralegal service firms, as they continually seek the best interest of their clients.

Industry Overview

Every human and human-run organization has different legal needs per time. Sometimes, these needs cannot be satisfied within the four walls of the court. Some do not arise as a result of in-court circumstances. An individual. For instance, they might want to incorporate their business, and they have to go through a legal firm that will give legal advice on the type of registration that would fit the business model that the individual wants to adopt.

While paralegal firms mostly give legal advice, they also represent their clients in court when the need for that arises. For instance, a client who had registered their company with a firm might call upon their services when a legal dispute arises with another party due to the letters of the incorporation document. This is how paralegal firms (and their employees) work.

However, the roles of these firms are sometimes overlooked. The paralegal advises individuals on matters involving the law ranging from real estate, farming, resource mining, and medicine to domestic matters such as family and community issues. However, the impact of these firms is hardly ever felt as clients hardly give reviews for the service received. Reviews are vital as they show honest opinion of a business’ performance

eKomi’s best-rated Paralegal Services Provider in Canada

Legal Service 



AJ Murray Legal Services 5.0 12
Frontline Paralegal Services Ltd. 5.0 9
Green Path Immigration and Paralegal Services 5.0 3
Source Legal Canada 5.0 3
Thompson Legal Services 5.0 2
Mina Canadian Immigration & Legal Services 5.0 2
Horizon Legal Service 5.0 1
Oracle Legal Services Professional Corporation and Notary Public 4.9 98
Canadian Legal Resource Centre Inc. 4.8 302
AzPerLegal Services Inc 4.8 118

eKomi’s most-rated Paralegal Services Provider in Canada

Legal Service 



Canadian Legal Resource Centre Inc. 302 4.8
AzPerLegal Services Inc 118 4.8
Oracle Legal Services Professional Corporation and Notary Public 98 4.9
AJ Murray Legal Services 12 5.0
Frontline Paralegal Services Ltd. 9 5.0
Green Path Immigration and Paralegal Services 3 5.0
Source Legal Canada 3 5.0
Thompson Legal Services 2 5.0
Mina Canadian Immigration & Legal Services 2 5.0
G.I.R. Legal Services Professional Corporation 16 3.0

Congratulations to the best-rated paralegal firms in this category. They have all been able to create a lasting legal experience for their clients. The Canadian Legal Resource Centre Inc. led the boards with 302 reviews and a 4.8-star rating. AzPer Legal Services Inc follows at no.2 also with a 4.8-star rating but with a much smaller 118 reviews. Oracle Legal Services Professional Corporation and Notary Public finished third best with 98 reviews and a 4.8- star rating.

Kudos to the lead legal personas in these firms. They have been excellent leaders at carving out an enviable legal experience for their client base. This capacity rises out of an extraordinary call to responsibility and intentional response to society’s legal needs and yearnings. These firms have grown from their initial stages through a point of consistent customer satisfaction to their current spots in the ranks of paralegals.

Your paralegal firm can also secure an enviable spot on the leaderboards for your paralegal firm. eKomi’s review system creates a structure that allows you to gain real-time reviews of your paralegal firm from legal clients. These honest and well-drafted reviews are designed to convince any member of the public of the authenticity and reliability of your paralegal services as a firm.

As a result of the growing intricacies in the legal field, there are many more legal clients who seek solutions to pressing questions. As a result, this StarInsights report will be updated in three months, as there will be newer reviews per time, and these reviews culminate in new ranking positions for paralegal firms. Therefore, while it is great to have many reviews, great customer satisfaction is necessary to top the list when next it is revised after three months.

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