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A Look Into the People’s Favourite Amusement and Theme Parks in Florida, United States

A Look Into the People’s Favourite Amusement and Theme Parks in Florida, United States

According to Statista, one of the best sources for world industry statistics and forecasting, the United States hosts some of the most visited amusement and theme parks globally through 2019 to 2021. 

Our database of reports does not show a previous look on this topic. Therefore, as per the inquisitive nature of StarInsights, we were interested to investigate this industry. Herein, we present our first report on amusement and theme parks in the United States. 

Amusement and Theme Parks – A World of Adventure

Amusement parks are an entertainment venue consisting of various leisurely activities such as rides, games, and other attractions. There are many types of amusement park rides like roller coasters, water slides, teacups and dark rides. Amusement parks can be themed based on a certain genre, such as science fiction or fantasy. 

They often contain multiple attractions that are geared toward all ages and genders. People like amusement and theme parks for the following reasons: to have fun and make new friends, to experience exciting rides and soar high above the ground, and for the thrill of being flung from one extreme to another. 

Amusement and theme parks bring a special sense of happiness and community. On one hand, for adults, they are a great place to revive the kidlike behaviour with little compromising on self-consciousness, therefore, an escape to everyday formalities and responsibilities. On another hand, these parks are every kid’s dream to live out their fantasies and get unmatched entertainment.

In general, the majority of amusement parks in the world offer a good value for money. As such, there is relatively easy to access by the wide public. 

Amusement and Theme Parks in the State of Florida, United States

Travel and Leisure has reported on the Florida as one of the best hubs for amusement and theme parks in the United States. As a result, we elected this state to investigate all the competitors and contrasted them.

We examined Google Maps and picked the best-rated and most-reviewed amusement and theme parks in the state of Florida. We sorted the entries obtained in descending order. The results of 22 November 2022 were obtained as follows: 

10 Best Rated Amusement Parks in Florida 

Park Rating Reviews
Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge 4.8 4,150
Discovery Cove Orlando 4.8 9,757
Nona Adventure Park 4.8 994
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade 4.8 6,032
Pandora – The World of Avatar 4.8 75
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley 4.8 16,399
White Lightning 4.8 57
Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain 4.8 2,968
Magic Kingdom Park 4.7 192,013
Universal Orlando Resort 4.7 157,692

10 Most Reviewed Amusement Parks in the United States 

Park Rating Reviews
Walt Disney World® Resort 4.7 235,386
Magic Kingdom Park 4.7 192,013
Universal Orlando Resort 4.7 157,692
Epcot 4.7 121,762
Universal Studios Florida 4.7 116,734
Disney’s Hollywood Studios 4.6 113,764
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park 4.7 109,621
SeaWorld Orlando 4.5 85,893
Busch Gardens Tampa Bay 4.5 75,406
ICON Park 4.6 37,165

eKomi’s Eye on the Findings

Across the best-rated and most-reviewed, the results we found are as close as predicted. Indeed, the most internationally renowned amusement or theme parks such as Walt Disney World are iconic locations are simply iconic and probably the world’s reference in amusement.

The top-rated parks made it with 4.8-star, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley with 16,399 reviews in the leader in this arena. However, the lower rated parks in the list made it with 4.7-star but far more reviews that outperforms the preceding parks. Congratulations to the 4.7-star-rated parks, Magic Kingdom Park and Universal Orlando Resort for gathering some many people at your establishment, with 192,013 and 157,692 reviews, respectively. 

Conversely, Pandora – The World of Avatar and White Lightning parks with 75 and 57 may need to look into amassing more customer feedback to stay afloat of the competition. Having made it to our list using the ratings’ metrics is great, but objectively, the number of reviews may not quite put them in the same category as the other parks have over 2000 times as many reviews as them. We can help. eKomi, The Feedback Company, is an industry leader in helping companies catapult their collection of customer reviews.

With respect to review, the most-reviewed chart is led by Walt Disney World® Resort, with its mighty 235,386 reviews. Following are the aforementioned Magic Kingdom Park and Universal Orlando Resort. Reviews on this table span from 235,386 to 37,165 and star ratings between 4.8 and 4.5. In general, these are impressive results. Nonetheless, if some establishments are keen on collecting more reviews to catch up with the competition, eKomi would be your best partner, this is the business we excel at. 

Customer Feedback, the eKomi Way

We extend our congratulatory applauds to all the establishments that made it to our report. Standing out through customer feedback is one of the most competitive advantages to businesses. This is why eKomi specialises in helping companies leverage their customer reviews and ratings. 

Using our cutting-edge technology, we are currently servicing over 15 000 clients worldwide for the full management of their online and offline reviews. The unique value we bring is our ability to syndicate all your reviews and embedding them into your website for any of the visitors to see.  

Furthermore, as a Google review company, your collected reviews are synchronised with Google Seller Ratings, so your website ranks better online, thus significantly contributing to your SEO efforts. More customer feedback, more brand recognition, more sales revenue. You can book your free consultation today to tell us about your business goals to offer you a tailored solution. Get started today.

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