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A Market Evaluation of the Lebanese Restaurant Industry in Germany 

Lebanese cuisine is exceptional because it is bursting with flavour and is incredibly nutrient-dense while remaining straightforward and adaptable. The appeal of Lebanese cuisine is undeniable, given its popularity across the globe. There are many causes for this, but a few of the most crucial ones are the use of fresh ingredients and flavours in Lebanese cuisine, as well as the food’s balanced and healthy composition. Today’s article covers in-depth research on the Lebanese restaurant industry in Germany. 

Overview of Lebanese Restaurants in Germany

Since West Germany’s 1960 invitation of tens of thousands of Moroccans as “guest workers” to assist in the nation’s post-war economic recovery, the country has had a sizable Arab population. As refugees from Lebanon’s civil war, the Lebanese and Palestinian-Lebanese migrants arrived with their traditional cuisine recipes, and this has been historically referenced as the genesis of Lebanese food in Germany.

Food from Lebanon is delicious and nutritious. This combination makes it a well-liked option among diners from all over the world. The nation’s openness to fusion cuisine has contributed to the expansion of its food into Germany. Lebanese cuisine appears destined to thrive in a world where many people seek out healthy food options. It has the flavour and ingredients required to appeal to everyone, regardless of where they are from.

Today, the Lebanese restaurant industry is a cut-throat market, with clients expecting the restaurants to focus on detail in delivering the best cuisine and exceptional to unforgettable customer experience. Based on such a notion, eKomi is unflinching in its reason that great customer feedback and positive reviews mean more business. Reviews and ratings are central to any purchaser-based business, and the Lebanese restaurant industry vigorously depends on buyer-company interactions. 

In this evaluation, we have closely examined Lebanese restaurants that give quality labour and products as per the buyers through user reviews and ratings on Google Maps. The rankings of the top restaurants are laid out in the table beneath:

Best-rated Lebanese Restaurants in Germany

Name of Restaurant Ratings Reviews
Restaurant Phoenicia 🥇 4.7 997
Château Kefraya 4.7 551
Ali Baba 4.7 136
Big Bascha 4.6 1503
Restaurant L´Orient 4.6 1022
The Hummusapiens 4.6 611
Rotes Kamel 4.6 643
falafelwerk(Mawal) 4.6 403
Ayman’s 4.6 352
Palmyra 4.6 170

Most reviewed Lebanese restaurant in Germany

Name of Restaurant Reviews Ratings
Azzam Restaurant 5638 4.2
El Reda 3365 4.2
Casalot Restaurant 2743 4.6
Beirut Restaurant 2432 4.2
Libanon Restaurant 2351 3.9
Maroush 2092 4.4
Babel 2051 4.3
Big Bascha 1503 4.6
QADMOUS – Libanesisches Restaurant Berlin 1487 4.3
Restaurant Ksara 1185 4.4

The findings satisfactorily reveal that the Lebanese restaurant industry in Germany has ideal evaluations in terms of ratings. The highest-rated restaurant is a tie between three Lebanese Restaurants, namely, Restaurant Phoenicia, Château Kefraya and Ali Baba with a stable 4.7-star rating and only differing in the number of reviews. The results show how very competitive this industry is, as the remaining restaurants are not far from the leaders, they all follow closely with the same rating of 4.6 stars. 

Reviews additionally impact the client’s decision when selecting a restaurant and can be the contrast between a weak restaurant and a rising one. As such, reviews were also considered in this StarInsights evaluation. In terms of reviews, Azzam Restaurant leads all Lebanese establishments with an alarming 5638 reviews, followed by El Reda with 3365 reviews, and Casalot Restaurant in third place with 2743 reviews.

While eKomi congratulates the Owners of the top listed Lebanese in both categories, we were disappointed to see that some establishments have high numbers of reviews and lower ratings. It’s, therefore, crucial to understand that having a good rating with large sample size is a very desirable feature. In today’s highly competitive industry, it is critical to maintain high client satisfaction ratings and gain good evaluations. 

In a nutshell, we recommend all Lebanese restaurants to invest in collecting client feedback. eKomi helps increase user reviews by publicizing feedback from actual customers. Additionally, you can book a free consultation, to talk about how they can fully manage feedback service that lets you focus on what’s truly important.

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