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A Perusal of Animal Rescues Services Providers in Cape Town, South Africa | eKomi South Africa

A Perusal of Animal Rescues Services Providers in Cape Town

A Perusal of Animal Rescues Services Providers in Cape Town

A Perusal of Animal Rescues Services Providers in Cape Town, South Africa

The internet is a great place to find resources, data, and information. Now that you have access to everything you need, research and education are made simpler. However, it can be challenging to find exactly what you’re looking for with billions of sites vying for your attention. eKomi has published this StarInsights report on animal rescue services in Cape Town in light of the recent increase in pet headlines and adoption stats. The report is based on Google My Business submissions and aims to discover trends and important performance insights of animal rescue service providers in Cape Town.

Impact of Reviews on Animal Rescue Services Providers

In today’s market, success is largely determined by customer satisfaction. This has always been the case for companies, but it is becoming more and more obvious with each passing day how much of an impact positive reviews can have on companies when trying to attract new customers or keep existing ones who may be looking elsewhere because they had better experiences elsewhere before returning. Reviews are crucial because they help pet lovers connect with stray animals looking for a home. Reading reviews from other people can help animal lovers learn more about rescue facilities and how they operate, which can be helpful information when deciding where to donate their time or money to help these helpless animals survive.

Top-rated animal rescue services in Cape Town

Rescue Service Rating Number of Reviews
Megs Mutts Rescue  5.0 7
Oscars Arc 4.9 79
Dead Animals Walking 4.9 19
Glen Graze Sanctuary 4.9 8
Sunrise Farm 4.9 9
WOOF Project 4.8 60
Dassenberg Horse & Dog Rescue Centre 4.8 45
Rescue Is Life 4.8 22
FALLEN Angels Pet Rescue 4.8 24
Hout Bay Seal Rescue Centre 4.8 9


Most reviewed animal rescue services in Cape Town

Rescue Service Number of Reviews Rating
Cape of Good Hope SPCA 1919 4.4
TEARS (The Emma Animal Rescue Society) 516 4.6
Animal Rescue Organization 238 4.5
Bella’s Guardian Angels animal rescue 224 4.7
Lucky Lucy Foundation 157 4.7
Fallen Angels Pet Rescue 137 4.7
Change For The Better Foundation 137 4.6
Plum Pets 113 4.5
Oscars Arc 79 4.9
WOOF Project 60 4.8

The best-rated animal rescue services in Cape Town, according to Google My Business ratings as of November 2022, is Megs Mutts Rescue, which has a perfect 5.0 stars. Oscars Arc, Dead Animals Walking, Glen Graze Sanctuary, and Sunrise Farm are tied for second place, all with 4.9 stars. In terms of reviews, Cape of Good Hope SPCA leads the pack with 1919 reviews and a stable 4.4-star rating. Followed by TEARS (The Emma Animal Rescue Society) with 516 reviews and Animal Rescue Organization with 238 reviews.

These animal rescue service providers should be commended for their dedication to rescuing and caring for stray animals. These rescue service providers have a sense of dedication that is unparalleled, thus cultivating an innate sense of trust between humans who utilize these services as well as animals in need. The CEOs and teams of the listed service providers in both categories  should be applauded for their great achievements. They recognize the value of favourable reviews, and maintaining high customer satisfaction ratings is critical to success in this increasingly competitive market.

eKomi‘s platform has been a great help to animal rescue organizations by improving their ratings and reviews, which can lead them in the direction of success like any business would want. eKomi provides valuable insight into how animal rescue centres are perceived online, allowing for any necessary improvements to be made as soon as possible for success.

We’ll issue a new edition of this StarInsights report in the next three months.

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