StarInsights eKomi | A review of Dog Breeders in New York, USA

StarInsights Dog breeders USA, New York

A review of Dog Breeders in New York, USA

Every business wants to know how they’re doing when it comes to customer reviews and ratings. This StarInsights report focuses on the leading dog breeders in New York, USA. eKomi has gathered a list of dog breeders based on the ratings on Google My Business to give dog breeders an inside look at their performance. With this valuable information, businesses can work on improving their customer service and keeping their customers satisfied.

An overview of Dog Breeders

When it comes to dog breeding, there are a few key things that breeders need to provide in order to offer top-notch service. Dog breeders must have extensive knowledge of the breed they are working with, be able to produce healthy puppies, and be able to match the right pup with the right family. By providing these services, breeders can help ensure that each puppy goes to a loving home and is well taken care of.

When customers are looking for a new dog, whether it is their first or another addition to their family, reviews can be an important part of their decision-making process. By reading the reviews of dog breeders, customers can get a good idea of what to expect from them and whether they would be a good fit for them and their dogs.

Negative reviews can also help customers avoid bad breeders, so it’s important for dog breeders to pay attention to both positive and negative feedback. Reviews can help dog breeders identify the strengths and weaknesses of their business, leading to awareness on how to improve your sales.

Top-rated Dog breeder in New York

Dog breeder



Red Storm Blues LLC 5.0 29
Siberian Husky & Golden Retriever Puppies, NY-Private Breeder 5.0 24
Jagermeister German Shepherds / Carlos Rojas K9 4.7 113
KC Poodles of PA 4.7 81
Ethical Frenchie 4.7 59
Holland Hills Kennel 4.7 31
Doberman Fields’ LLC 4.7 23
Prospect Hill Labrador Retrievers 4.7 23
Labradoodles of Long Island 4.6 69
Brooklyn Cockapoos 4.6 29


Most reviewed Dog breeder in New York

Dog breeder



Puppy Boutique 1,006 4.0
Canine Corral 311 4.1
Central Park Puppies 250 4.4
The Golden Gals 147 4.5
Jagermeister German Shepherds / Carlos Rojas K9 113 4.7
KC Poodles of PA 81 4.7
Labradoodles of Long Island 69 4.6
Ethical Frenchie 59 4.7
Holland Hills Kennel 31 4.7
Brooklyn Cockapoos 29 4.6

The best-rated dog breeders are Red Storm Blues LLC with a 5.0 rating and 29 reviews, followed by Siberian Husky & Golden Retriever Puppies NY-Private Breeder with a 5.0 and 24 reviews and Jagermeister German Shepherds / Carlos Rojas K9 with a 4.7 rating and 113 reviews. 

These dog breeders have been rated the best in their field by customers, which is why they deserve some praise. It’s not easy having a dog breeder business, especially when there are so many of them out there. They work hard to ensure that consumers have a fantastic experience with their dogs, which will bring in more profit for the business!

Great job to the CEOs of the best-rated dog breeders, namely the CEO of Red Storm Blues LLC, the CEO of Siberian Husky & Golden Retriever Puppies NY-Private Breeder, and the CEO of Jagermeister German Shepherds / Carlos Rojas K9. These CEOs understand what it means to care for the dogs and responsibly breed them, as well as to provide customer service that meets or exceeds expectations. These CEOs have established a positive reputation for their company, which keeps customers coming back for more.

eKomi can help increase your online ratings and reviews. We’ve done it before by offering excellent feedback to dog breeders and obtaining high rankings on key search engines like Google! Don’t hesitate to contact eKomi; you don’t want to lose out on a free consultation for an initial assessment of where things stand in terms of traffic visibility, utilizing our trustworthy services.

Expect an updated StarInsights report on dog breeders in the next three months. The goal is not only to evaluate how dog breeders are doing today, but also to take a look at what has changed over time. We will also see if there’s anything these businesses can do better when it comes to light of recent market trends!

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