A Review of Meal Delivery Services in London, United Kingdom

Meal Delivery Services in London, United Kingdom

A Review of Meal Delivery Services in London, United Kingdom

One of the potentially most revolutionary aspects of the modern world is having food delivered to your home. In addition to developing apps that make it much simpler to find food delivery services nearby, many restaurants and shop owners have transitioned from in-restaurant ordering to order over the phone.

Numerous food delivery services are available to use, whether you have planned to order take out for dinner or are experiencing the munchies in the middle of the night. There are many food delivery services in the UK, but some are only available in certain areas. With a growing number of food delivery services, most, people spent a great deal of time doing research on some of the best currently in London.

Nevertheless, meal delivery services make it simple to order food online if you are hungry but lack the motivation to leave your house. Think about whether they deliver to your area, the cost and speed of delivery, and whether they deliver the food you want when choosing which service to use.

In this StarInsights report, we’ve compiled a list of the top meal delivery services in London, UK. We selected skilled and well-organized meal delivery services as seen by outstanding customer evaluations, we choose those providers that are dependable and offer timely communication based on publicly available data from Google Seller Ratings and its aggregated rating and review system.

Top-rated meal delivery service

Delivery Service Rating Reviews
Ordit Corporate Food Delivery & Catering 5.0 7
DAD 4.9 88
Ma Cuisine 4.7 61
Mindful Chef 4.6 1108
Après Food for Body and Mind 4.6 269
POTAGE 4.6 69
Easy Gourmet 4.6 31
Macro Meals 4.4 108
Prep Kitchen 4.3 84
The COOK Kitchen 4.2 111

Most reviewed meal delivery service

Delivery Service Reviews Rating
HelloFresh 4922 4.0
Mindful Chef 1108 4.6
Après Food for Body and Mind 269 4.6
Jane Plan 153 3.2
The COOK Kitchen 111 4.2
Macro Meals 108 4.4
DAD 88 4.9
Prep Kitchen 84 4.3
Fresh Fitness Food 67 4.0
GRUBBY 62 3.8

The results show that Ordit Corporate Food Delivery & Catering holds the top spot with a perfect 5.0 stars, making them the best-rated medal delivery service in London. The only differentiating factor is the number of reviews. DAD comes in second with 4.9 stars, and Ma Cuisine is the third top-rated service with a stable 4.7-star rating.

Without question, the quality of the meal delivery service reviews is essential. A business’s average number of stars is significant, but it should not be the only focus. Customers also look at the number of reviews a service provider has. It’s wonderful for prospective customers to see 5-star reviews and learn all the reasons why customers love your company.

Regarding the number of reviews, HelloFresh is the most reviewed moving company with 4922 reviews, followed by Mindful Chef with 1108 reviews and Après Food for Body and Mind ranked third 269 reviews.

Congratulations to the top-listed meal delivery services in both categories for their outstanding results and creative marketing strategies. Several service providers are working hard to build their reviews to enhance their online reputation and visibility.


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