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A Review of Mercedes-Benz Dealers in Austria

Selling vehicles has evolved significantly over the years, and it is no longer as simple as putting cars on display in a showroom and waiting for walk-in customers. The competition for clients has gone digital, with items being pushed by efficiently targeting their targets. Keeping this in mind, the greatest dealerships are gaining more consumers. Today’s article is based on research into Mercedes-Benz dealers in Austria.

eKomi’s Review of Mercedes-Benz dealers in Austria

Mercedes-Benz, commonly referred to as Mercedes, is a German luxury automotive producer. Mercedes-Benz produces luxury vehicles for consumers and commercial vehicles. Mercedes-Benz came to life with Carl Benz’s creation of the first internal combustion engine, and the Mercedes automobile was first traded in 1901 by Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft. The initial branded vehicles were produced in 1926, and the brand slogan is “the best or nothing”. In 2018, Mercedes-Benz was the biggest seller of premium vehicles globally, with 2.31 million cars sold. 

Mercedes-Benz is very protective of its brand. Brand assurance begins with building a prevalent car, however, the seller experience emphatically impacts clients more. Considering that, you’ll find that each Mercedes-Benz vendor is set up with supportive, educated experts including industrial facility affirmed administration specialists. Each automobile is made to surpass client assumptions. Comfort and excellent performance are the watch words for each division at a Mercedes-Benz dealership, from display area to renting to back to administration and parts.

eKomi believes that ratings and reviews are essential to business development, as they usually form a customer’s first impression. Therefore, using ratings and reviews given by customers on Google Maps, we curated a list of the best and most rated Mercedes-Benz dealers in Austria.

Most Rated Mercedes-Benz Dealers in Austria

Name of Dealer

Number of Reviews

AV Hall 276
Mercedes-Benz Ermler 195
Mercedes-Benz Kröpfl GmbH 152
Auto Gusenbauer 109
Mercedes-Benz Österreich GmbH 90
Mercedes Benz Deutschmann 82
Mercedes Moser 49
Wiesenthal Mercedes-Benz 43
Mercedes-Benz Pappas  34
Mercedes Benz Toferer 28

Most of the stores offer In-store shopping and pick-up, and their reviews are mainly based on the professional efficiency and friendliness of the staff. However, eKomi urges the last 3 dealers to increase their digital business footprint to attract an increasing number of digital customers.

Ratings are pretty significant to a business’s importance, and they also boost customer satisfaction and sales and work hand in hand with reviews. eKomi understands the importance of both and completed the StarInsights assessment by putting together a list of the top 10 highest-rated Mercedes-Benz dealerships in Austria.

Highest Rated Mercedes-Benz dealers in Austria

Name of Dealer


Mercedes-Benz Ermler 4.7
Mercedes Benz Toferer 4.7
Mercedes-Benz Pappas  4.7
Mercedes-Benz Österreich GmbH 4.6
Mercedes Benz Deutschman 4.6
Mercedes Moser 4.5
Mercedes-Benz Kröpfl GmbH 4.4
AV Hall 4.3
Wiesenthal Mercedes-Benz 4.3
Auto Gusenbauer 3.3

eKomi compliments the owners of the top three Mercedes-Benz dealers in both categories for their excellent services, and urges the dealers at the bottom of the list to develop their digital footprint. It also urges all its competitors to up its game and reaches out to a review agency like eKomi, which works with an efficient team to produce organic and credible reviews. The eKomi team presents all Mercedes-Benz dealers with an offer to assess customer satisfaction, and this includes a free consultation to determine the level of growth a business is at and to heighten its sales development and online imprint.

Check out eKomi’s blog in three months to follow up on our assessment of which Mercedes-Benz dealers will be the best and most rated in Austria.

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