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A Review of Top Cleaning Products Suppliers in Cape Town, South Africa

In Cape Town, cleaning products are mostly used to clean domestic and industrial appliances. As a result, the demand for cleaning products and raw materials has skyrocketed over the years. Based on this notion, several companies have emerged to capitalize on market forces. Today’s StarInsights report evaluates and enlists the top ten cleaning products suppliers in Mother City, established from their Google reviews and ratings.

An Industry Overview of Cleaning Products Suppliers

As people we know how important cleaning and hygiene is for our health, and in order to properly disinfect items and rooms, we must use the best cleaning products. Because of specific circumstances and the type of activity carried out in a space, hygiene becomes even more important at times. For example, in restaurant kitchens, food processing plants, farms, or toilets and bathrooms. This is when the proper cleaning chemicals and products are required.

Fortunately, there are many cleaning suppliers in Cape Town who provide excellent chemical cleaners such as degreasers, carpet cleaners chemicals, chemical toilet cleaners, roof cleaning chemicals, ammonia cleaning products, and the best kitchen cleaning products.

How to select the best cleaning product suppliers

Since, there are many cleaning products companies in and around the city, knowing which one to choose can be confusing. Typically, most consumers consider a few elements when picking up a supplier, some variable includes types of chemicals, range of products, and easiness of use. It is not worth purchasing a product that will make cleaning difficult or leave other stains. Price is also important, as consumers try to find the most durable product to save time and money.

Although these elements are important, to consider, it may be time-consuming to verify which products work best. Nonetheless, technology has bridged the gap, it’s no secret that most customers do their homework before converting from prospect to customer. They are most interested in hearing about other people’s experiences with a company.

Since reviewers tend to start with an unbiased perspective, most consumers are more likely to believe the opinions of complete strangers on cleaning product suppliers and their businesses. In the age of confident shopping, earning trust is no easy task, but reviews are a great tool that has proven to be helpful.

Against such a backdrop, eKomi extracted many cleaning product suppliers within Cape Town from Google Maps, and it was shocking to learn that most of the listed suppliers have no reviews or ratings.  The stats are presented in the tables below.

Top-rated cleaning products suppliers

Supplier Rating Number of Reviews
Bactakleen South Africa 5.0 4
Duma Chemicals 4.9 9
Pescatech 4.8 30
Chemical On Tap 4.7 7
Prime Cleaning Suppliers (Pty) Ltd 4.5 22
Kyospan T/A Chemical Pro 4.5 4
ITS Kärcher and Numatic Cleaning Equipment 4.2 79
Industroclean Cape Town  4.2 21
Kleen Eezy 2.8 19

Most reviewed cleaning products suppliers

Supplier Number of Reviews Rating
ITS Kärcher and Numatic Cleaning Equipment 79 4.2
Pescatech 30 4.8
Prime Cleaning Suppliers (Pty) Ltd 22 4.5
Industroclean Cape Town – Wap high pressure range & Nilfisk 21 4.2
Kleen Eezy 19 2.8
Duma Chemicals 9 4.9
Chemical On Tap 7 4.7
Bactakleen South Africa 4 5.0
Kyospan T/A Chemical Pro 4 4.5

The top-rated cleaning products supplier is Bactakleen South Africa with a perfect (5.0) five-star rating. Followed closely by Duma Chemicals with a stable 4.9-star rating, while Pescatech sits in third place with a 4.8-star rating. This is undoubtedly a job well done in a sector where competition is likely currently on the rise.

In terms of reviews, with 79 reviews, ITS Kärcher and Numatic Cleaning Equipment have performed admirably in terms of customer satisfaction. Pesatech follows in second place with almost half of the leading supplier accounting for 30 reviews, while Prime Cleaning Suppliers (Pty) Ltd only have 22 reviews. Congratulations to the CEO’s and teams of the listed cleaning product suppliers in both categories for their excellent services.

eKomi’s Recommendations and Conclusions

As reflected in the above tables, it’s quite visible to see that the stats are very low, and this is very detrimental to the cleaning product companies. We urge all competitors in the industry to up their game and reach out to a review agency like eKomi, which works with an efficient team to produce reviews that are organic and credible.

We will lead one more evaluation in the following three months and expect cleaning products providers in Cape Town to present better outcomes. Set notifications for the eKomi blog to study, which will be the best appraised and the most evaluated.

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