A Review of Top Packaging Companies in Cape Town

Top Packaging Companies

Top Packaging Companies

Packaging is an important aspect that plays a critical role in uniquely showcasing the brand of a particular product. It serves a variety of purposes, including commercial and personal. So when selecting a packaging company, most want to work with a partner they can rely on. In this article, we review the top packaging companies in Cape Town based on evaluating customer feedback.

Market Overview of Packaging Companies

Today’s consumers are looking for three main qualities in their packaged products, especially when it comes to food product packaging: convenience, ease of use, and ease of transport. Additionally, Retailers are seeking similar qualities, in addition to packaging that provides longer shelf-life. 

With greater demand comes greater market opportunity, and with a highly competitive vendor landscape, the global packaging market is poised to experience steady growth in the next five years. According to reports, the market, is expected to accelerate steadily over the next few years, with an incremental growth of nearly $165 billion.

How To Choose The Right Packaging Supplier For Your Business

Savvy business owners know that a customer’s product experience begins the moment the product arrives. A plain, flimsy box isn’t going to leave the kind of impression that leads to repeat clients. To prove your product’s excellence, you need to have the right packaging.

Interestingly, a packaging company brand identity is tied up in your packaging. As such, when choosing a packaging company for your business; choose a packaging company with a proven track record of reliability and consistency, customization options, cost, lead time, sustainability, customer support, experience, references, and a strong customer support team.

Therefore, the most common online feature used by buyers to quickly make educated purchasing selections is ratings and reviews. For this StarInsights report, we focused on packaging companies in Cape Town using ratings and reviews given by customers on Google Maps.


Supplier Rating Number of Reviews
LP Agencies 5.0 30
ABC Packaging 5.0 6
Carlier Packaging 4.4 32
Merrypak 4.3 268
Parrot Products 4.3 10
Packit Packaging 4.1 125
Mister Packaging 4.1 27
Clifton Products 3.7 45
Superior Packaging Industries 3.5 11

Most reviewed 

Supplier Number of Reviews Rating
Merrypak 268 4.3
Packit Packaging Solutions 125 4.1
Clifton Products 45 3.7
Carlier Packaging 32 4.4
LP Agencies 30 5.0
Mister Packaging 27 4.1
Superior Packaging Industries 11 3.5
Parrot Products 10 4.3
ABC Packaging 6 5.0

The highest-rated company, according to the table, is a tie between LP Agencies and ABC Packaging with ratings of 5.0-stars, the difference lies in the number of reviews 30 and 6 respectively. While, PLASTI-PAK PACKAGING is also one of the top-rated. With 4.5 stars, followed by Carlier Packaging with 4.4 stars.

Reviews were not left out in this report, and of course their value can not be under-estimated. In terms of the most reviewed packaging firms, Merrypak sits on top with 268 reviews, followed by Packit Packaging Solutions with 125 reviews, while PLASTI-PAK PACKAGING ranks third with 82 reviews.

Way Forward for Packaging Companies

Positive ratings increase customer traffic to the website associated with the business and promote branding, marketing, and sales advancement. All in all, ratings influence the customer’s choice of supplier and can be the difference between a failing one and a rising one. We urge companies to collaborate with agencies like eKomi, which can assist in creating positive reviews that are encouraging and reflective of the establishment’s services.

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