A Review of The Best Trucking Schools in Texas, USA

Trucking Schools

Best Trucking Schools in Texas

Today’s article is based on the best trucking schools in the US. StarInsights report is a recurring series based on researching a specific sector’s market research data and evaluating leading companies and businesses with a decent number of favourable user ratings and reviews

Market Overview 

Truck driving schools in Texas are big business, and with good reason. This implies that they have a significant impact on the trucking industry in the state and the country as a whole. According to statistics, Texas has more than 170,000 truck drivers, the most of any state. Chiefly providing high-quality training and education to aspiring truck drivers, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate commercial vehicles safely and efficiently.

Students who complete truck driving classes are awarded a class A, B, or C commercial driving licence (CDL). Truck driving is a vocation that is always in demand, takes you across the nation, and offers competitive compensation and benefits. However, it isn’t for everyone, as you must be an expert driver of the enormous semi-trucks frequently used to transport freight. As a result, finding the top CDL training programs can help you receive the instruction. And moreover, practice necessary to begin a career as a truck driver.

While a truck driving school program is run by skilled truck drivers. eKomi believes that rankings and evaluations are crucial to enterprise development, as they typically shape a client’s first impression. Therefore, using rankings and evaluations given by clients via Google Maps, we curated a listing of the first-class and maximum-rated trucking schools within Texas.

Most Rated Trucking Schools

Name of Trucking School Number of Reviews
Progressive Truck Driving School 583
American Truck Training 454
Tennessee Truck Driving School 439
U.S. Truck Driver Training School 328
Suburban Truck Driver Training 250
American Driver Training Academy 235
Phoenix Truck Driving Institute 209
United States Truck Driving School 192
America Truck Driving School 186
Springs Truck Driving School 164

At the top of our list with 583 reviews, Progressive Truck Driving School is hailed for its excellent staff and teachers. Next on the list with 454 reviews is American Truck Training, known for its training facilities and knowledgeable instructors. With 438 reviews, Tennessee Truck Driving School is third on our list, and their staff is described as welcoming, although one review states that their curriculum is incomplete 

Ratings are critical to the importance of your business and work in tandem with reviews to increase customer satisfaction and sales in the long run. eKomi understands the importance of both and has completed its StarInsights assessment by listing the top 10 highest-rated Trucking Schools in the USA.

Highest Rated Trucking Schools

Name of Trucking School Rating
Tennessee Truck Driving School 4.8
American Driver Training Academy 4.8
Progressive Truck Driving School 4.7
American Truck Training 4.7
U.S. Truck Driver Training School 4.7
Springs Truck Driving School 4.7
America Truck Driving School 4.6
United States Truck Driving School 4.5
Suburban Truck Driver Training 4.4
Phoenix Truck Driving Institute 4.2

With 4.8 stars each, Tennessee Truck Driving School and American Driver Training Academy are our highest rated. Their reviews describe them as having great staff, excellent instructors, and a wonderful experience for their students. With 4.7 stars, Progressive Truck Driving School is third on our list, with reviews calling it the best school with good teachers and a good experience.

Final Thoughts

We thank the owners of the top 3 trucking schools in both categories for their excellent service and encourage them to contact an organization like eKomi, which can improve their digital presence with efficient teams that generate organic reviews. The eKomi team provides all trucking schools with customer satisfaction assessments, along with free consultation to determine the level of business growth and acc literate sales development and online footprint.


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