eKomi | A StarInsights Re-Assessment on Top Plumbing Companies in Cape Town

A StarInsights Re-Assessment on Top Plumbing Companies in Cape Town

A StarInsights Re-Assessment on Top Plumbing Companies in Cape Town

The top-rated plumbing companies in Cape Town were the subject of a three-month-old article from eKomi StarInsights. This article is a StarInsights follow-up report that compares past recorded ratings and reviews online in order to learn from an evaluation experience due to the changing nature of businesses, technology, economics, social elements, etc.

The re-assessment is a process that enables both firms and customers to think back on the past, reflect on what they’ve learned, and consider how the prior insights might be used to build and improve enterprises across a range of industries. This article provides an in-depth analysis of the leading plumbers in Cape Town as of October 24th, 2022.

eKomi’s Overview of Plumbing Companies and Reviews

This competitive industry is made up of independent owner-operated businesses and franchises, and it is pretty amazing to realize that no one company dominates the marketplace. We consider reviews to be the main reputation builders for plumbing firms in an increasingly digital age. Before making a purchase, plenty of customers check out reliable review sites like Google. While reviews are the most significant, reputation is also influenced by other variables. 

People may recall positive interactions with a certain plumbing company after they finish a task for them, but they won’t forget negative ones. Customers that are unhappy with products or services are likely to tell others about it, especially online. Let’s face it: which plumbing company would you choose if you had to choose between two identical companies, one with a 3-star rating and the other with an average of a 5-star rating? The one with the highest star rating, most likely.

REVIEWS & RATINGS is the sole solution for gaining market share, growth, and high sales with this unique technique. Plumbers are becoming more involved with customer demands in order to increase profitability and market dominance. In light of this, our StarInsights follow-up report has narrowed down this enormous industry and concentrated on plumbing companies that span around Cape Town as a specimen City. The report will make a cross-reference to the previous rankings and the current ones accordingly.

Cross-Comparison of Ratings, for Plumbing companies in Cape Town

Plumbing Company

Previous Ratings


Current Ratings

Mountain Plumbing 5.0 Mountain Plumbing 5.0
Johan Newtech Plumbers Cape Town 5.0 Divine Touch Plumbing 5.0
Divine Touch Plumbing 5.0 Johan Newtech Plumbers Cape Town 5.0
Ray and Sons Plumbers (Pty) Ltd* 4.9 RS Plumbing Services*** 5.0
Thompson’s Plumbing 4.9 Devco Plumbing*** 5.0
Absolute Plumbing Cape Town* 4.8 The Plumber Next Door*** 5.0
Greenz Plumbing & Drainage* 4.7 Drips-and-Drains Plumbers*** 4.9
Bob the Plumber* 4.7 Anton’s Plumbing Services*** 4.9
Schmidhauser Electrical And Plumbing* 4.4 DB Plumbing Pty Ltd*** 4.9
Drainmen Services* 4.4 Thompson’s Plumbing 4.9
Key: ***New entry *Eliminated

A cross-comparison of the previously listed plumbers to the current ones, clearly shows that majority of these companies understand what’s on stake when it comes to online reputation. Mountain Plumbing, Divine Touch, and Johan Newtech Plumbers maintained the same rating of 5.0 stars, only differing in the number of reviews. There are a few new entrants that improved and made it to the top ten, with ratings of 5.0 stars, namely, RS Plumbing Services, Devco Plumbing, and The Plumber Next Door.

Reviews are also critical to the importance of restaurants and work in tandem with ratings to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty in the long run. eKomi understands the importance of both, hence we further analysed the top-rated plumbers in Cape Town.

Cross-Comparison of Reviews

Previous list

Number of Reviews

Plumbers Current list

Number of Reviews

Mountain Plumbing 253 Mountain Plumbing 265
Schmidhauser Electrical And Plumbing 177 Drips-and-Drains Plumbers 187
Ray and Sons Plumbers (Pty) Ltd 118 Schmidhauser Electrical And Plumbing 184
Greenz Plumbing & Drainage 75 Ray and Sons Plumbers (Pty) Ltd 119
Drainmen Services* 68 Greenz Plumbing & Drainage  79
Absolute Plumbing Cape Town 62 Drainmen Services 77
Johan Newtech Plumbers, Cape Town* 61 Anton’s Plumbing Services*** 76
Divine Touch Plumbing* 58 Absolute Plumbing Cape Town 70
Thompson’s Plumbing 58 Monster Plumbing *** 70
Bob the Plumber 49 DB Plumbing Pty Ltd*** 69

Key: ***New entry *Eliminated

In terms of reviews, it’s impressive to note that most  plumbing companies received an increased value in their reviews. Such results are all the more amazing because having a good rating with a large sample size is a very desirable feature.  There are also, three new entries in the reviews category namely, Anton’s Plumbing Services with 76 reviews, Monster Plumbing with 70 reviews, and DB Plumbing Pty Ltd with 69 reviews. Such improvements are proof of the elimination of Divine Touch Plumbing, Drainmen Services, and Johan Newtech Plumbers, Cape Town, from the list of the most reviewed top ten.

Congratulations are also in order for the Owners and the Teams of the top three companies, and the rest of the listed plumbing companies, for their great leadership that reflects in the high value of reviews. Today, price comparison is not enough to make a decision on which establishment is best for you.

eKomi’s Recommendation to Plumbers in Cape Town

Plumbers have a difficult road to travel in terms of reputation, much like many other sectors that depend on high standards of service quality and craftsmanship. The top plumbers frequently receive excellent plumbing evaluations. Conversely, the poorest plumbers generally have negative plumbing reviews. Every company owner has to keep ahead of the competition in order to experience successful development, and the plumbing sector is no different.

These digital plumbing trends may help you enable a seamless client journey, use online techniques that reach your target audience, and maintain the success of your organisation. eKomi helps increase user reviews by publicizing feedback from actual customers. Additionally, you can book a free consultation, to talk about how they can fully manage feedback service that lets you focus on what’s truly important.

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