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An Assessment of Online Auction Companies in Cape Town, South Africa

Generally, there are many goods worth to be bought at an auction. Whether it will be cheaper or due to the uniqueness of the items, like the vehicles found at a classic car auction, properties, art or some jewellery, it is interesting to take auctions into account before buying any product. As a result, this StarInsights report examines the online auction industry in Cape Town and curates a list of the ten best auctioneers based on Google user reviews and ratings.

Traditional Auctioning versus Online Auctioning

Auctioneers are professionals who sell goods or services by bidding on them and then selling the items to the highest bidder. In SA, there are several licensed auctioneers who provide general auctioneering services as well as other related services such as repossession, debt collection, distress for rent services, and court order execution.

On the flip side, recent technological advancements have changed the functioning of this industry, partly caused by the global pandemic and economic shifts, and have shifted a significant portion of the sector online, with online auctions becoming a staple of the market’s current workings. Online auction sales increased significantly over the last decade, but the sector has skyrocketed in the last few years due to the circumstances mentioned earlier.

Overview of Online Auction & Challenges

The widespread use of the internet has clearly favoured online auction portals while pushing traditional auction houses out of the picture. Online auction platforms have made everything possible and easier for people today, from reaching out to the greatest number of buyers to selling various assets for the best prices in the shortest amount of time. 

These platforms are always at the forefront of providing their clients with extensive solutions. Although there are many advantages to using this method to select suppliers, online auctions have drawbacks and limitations. The main challenge is ‘Trust’: in addition to, reliability, integrity, and transparency. These elements are the foundation of the auction services industry, more than any other. Dishonest dealings and fraud have been widely reported when it comes to online auctions.  As a result, one’s reputation is everything. 

Consumers satisfied with online auctions most frequently mention customer service. Put simply, in online auctions, user-generated feedback reviews provide first-hand information on the trustworthiness of transaction partners to the community. It is important to know about these communities and how they function. So, using ratings and reviews given by customers on Google Maps, eKomi conducted a study on the best and most rated online auctions in Cape Town as seen in the table below.

Top-rated online auction in Cape Town

Auction House Ratings
101 Auctions – Western Cape 4.4
Strauss & Co Fine Art Auctioneers 4.4
Liquidity Services, South Africa 4.3
Cape Auctioneers 4.3
WH Auctioneers Cape 4.2
Hofmeyr – Mills Auctioneers 4.2
Burchmore’s Cape Town 4.1
Bidway Auction House/High Street Assets 4.1
The Claremart Group: Auctions, Sales & Advisory 4.1
Alf Duncan Auction Centre 4.0

Most reviewed online auctions in Cape Town

Auction House Number of Reviews
Burchmore’s Cape Town 344
Aucor Cape Town 293
Alf Duncan Auction Centre 94
WH Auctioneers Cape 73
Hofmeyr – Mills Auctioneers 73
Liquidity Services, South Africa 56
Theron Auctioneers 51
Cape Auctioneers 45
DealersOnline 38

For the purposes of this research, data was gathered from the official Google My Business Ratings for October 27, 2022. Out of the top ten listed online auctions, 101 Auctions – Western Cape and Strauss & Co Fine Art Auctioneers are inseparable on the top spot, both with a 4.4-star rating making them the top-rated online auctions in Cape Town. In a sector where competition is certain to be on the rise, this is a job well done. However, the majority of the listed places also managed to get an average four-point rating.

In terms of reviews, Burchmore’s Cape Town has done a pretty good job by receiving about 344 reviews, making them the most-reviewed auction house in Mother City. In second place, is Aucor Cape Town with 293 reviews, and in third place with 94 reviews is Alf Duncan Auction Centre. This seems extremely remarkable because gaining reviews from a large sample of consumers reveals how busy these online auctions are. Kudos to them for earning a multitude of positive ratings and welcoming reviews.

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In three months’ time, another StarInsights report will be published based on online auctions in Cape Town, conducting an in-depth analysis of changes that have occurred. Ensure that you keep an eye out for the updated report!


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