An exclusive StarInsights guide to the top 10 accommodations in Coffee Bay

An exclusive StarInsights guide to the top 10 accommodations in Coffee Bay

An exclusive StarInsights guide to the top 10 accommodations in Coffee Bay

You are an enthusiastic traveller who could easily slip into adoration when met with the mesmerizing beauty of magical valleys upon entering your holiday destination. Valleys aligned just few meters apart from each other! Coffee Bay, rightfully baptised Paradise, where autumn yellow hills are known for birthing lush subtropical valleys away from the busies of life. Coffee Bay is an awe striking piece of paradise away from ski-scraping metropolitans in the heart of the Wild Coast along the Indian Ocean in South Africa. The key word here, odd to be untouched when it’s a rural area stuck in an era that didn’t run the race to keep up with the highly modern times we live in now. Check out this exclusive StarInsights guide to the top 10 accommodations in Coffee Bay.

Holiday destinations are well known for the one or the other feature, can you imagine your holiday accommodation situated on a hill top engulfed in the picturesque Wild Coast? Coffee Bay boast a small population of approximately 600 inhabitants, and very important it is not a small town in South Africa, no it is not the correct term as it is called rural or homelands by Sout African locals. The locals are still returning to their rondavels (homes)  with buckets on their heads after collecting water from the nearby rivers. Rural or not this laid back setting has an array of different types of accommodation from modern to rustic thatched roof Rondavels, Villas, Lodges, Resorts, Guest Houses, Bungalows, and Camping. This article gives a comprehensive analysis of the highly recommended accommodation establishments in Coffee Bay, based on customer feedback.

Coffee Bay, a star struck rural paradise true magic

As much as this paradise is not short of white sand beaches inviting surfers and other enthusiasts fond of water sports, so are ample dry land activities seeing to the satisfaction of hikers daring the steep dry hills to visit the world wonder Hole in the Wall. Bundu Bashing allow for the more adventurous to indulge in bumpy rides through river mouths and over steep hills, which can only be done with a 4×4 vehicle. Another highlight is Stargazing In Coffee Bay like you’ve never ever seen it before, this experience under the fulgent night sky is a serving of true magic that must be lived. The beauty of Coffee Bay is equivalent to a painting in motion. 

Top 10 Accommodations in Coffee Bay, South Africa

Companies Rating Number of reviews
Coffee Bay Lodge 5,0 1
Sheep & Stars Guest House 4,9 10
Mdumbi Backpackers 4,7 266
Gigi’s 4,6 13
Bulungula Xhosa Community Lodge 4,2 23
Hole In The Wall Hotel 4,1 1,215
Ocean View Hotel 4,1 690
Anchorage Hotel 3,6 62
Nenga River Lodge 3,4 66
Hillside View Guest House 3,3 41

Top 10 Reviewed Accommodation in Coffee Bay, South Africa

Companies Number of reviews Rating
Hole In The Wall 1,215 4,1
Ocean View Hotel 690 4,1
Mdumbi Backpackers 266 4,7
Nenga River Lodge  66 3,4
Anchorage Hotel  62 3,6
Hillside View Guest House 41 3,3
Bulungula Xhosa Community Lodge 23 4,2
Gigi’s  13 4,6
Sheep & Stars Guest House 10 4,9
Coffee Bay Lodge 1 5,0

Our Findings

Out of the top ten best-rated Accommodations in Coffee Bay, Coffee Bay Lodge sits on the driver’s seat boasting a 5,0 rating score with Sheep & Stars Guest House in second place with a close call 4,9 rating followed by Mdumbi Backpackers with a 4,7 rating these are the 3 top-rated properties with the highest rating at 5,0-star rating out of 5 stars. In a sector such as Tourism where you are faced with new trends and ever-growing new competition it is certainly not easy to remain on top, congratulations to these three top-rated properties.

Moving over to the reviews section, Hole In The Wall is taking the cup with an awe-inspiring 1,215 reviews followed not far behind, Ocean View Hotel with a remarkable 690 reviews and the third place was again in this section taken by Mdumbi Backpackers with 266 reviews. These properties made it to the top 3 spots. Congratulations to them for earning positive ratings and welcoming reviews.

The most-reviewed establishments have between 1,215 and a meagre 1 review next to their end-of-the-spectrum ratings, comprising 5,0 to 3,3-star ratings. This kind of feedback can be used to prevent unnecessary setbacks due to lack of customer satisfaction information. Ratings and reviews provide the opportunity to fix customer issues before it is too late to do so. Such customer feedback is absolutely brilliant in this way one is kept more informed. We thank the owners of the listed top ten accommodation options in both categories for their excellent service and encourage them to contact an organization like eKomi, which can improve their digital presence with efficient teams that generate organic reviews. The eKomi team provides numerous businesses with customer satisfaction assessments, along with free consultation to determine the level of business growth and a literate sales development and online footprint.

Keep up-to-date 

In three months, we will re-evaluate the holiday accommodation market in Eswatini, stay tuned to know how your services are received by your guests. 

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