eKomi StarInsights | An Industry Comparison of Medical Tourism Facilitators in Greece

StarInsights An Industry Comparison of Medical Tourism Facilitators in Greece

An Industry Comparison of Medical Tourism Facilitators in Greece

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Travelling halfway across the world in search of better health is more prevalent today than ever. In the connected world, we live in, medical tourism opens avenues when one seeks health treatment that may not be available in their home country or is too costly. Medical tourism may better suit one’s budget for all out-of-pocket medical expenses, including all other nonmedical travel arrangements.

Greek medical Tourism Agencies

Greece is among the top focal locations for medical travel by virtue of its world-class medical facilities, skilful medical professionals, and lower healthcare costs. Additionally, Greece boasts an attractive touristy ecosystem. The country has a rich history, heritage, and landscape that make it a great tourist destination. This means that medical travellers can spend agreeable moments alongside receiving health treatments.

From specialised surgeries to cosmetic procedures, selecting Greece for medical needs is a popular choice. To assist medical tourists aiming for Greece, there are a couple of Greek medical tourism facilitators. They provide services such as ensuring that you get linked to adequate medical facilities and organising your stay during your time in the country. 

In this StarInsight article, we present you with the 10 best medical travel agencies in Greece. We gathered data from Google Maps and extracted the top reviewed and rated companies as follows: 

Best Rated Medical Tourism Companies in Greece



Number of reviews 

Medisland Specialist Tour Operator 5.0 1
PRC Travel 5.0 3
Medical Arrow 5.0 1
MED Elite 5.0 1
Argo Travel Group 4.6 34
Heraklio Travel AE 4.6 244
Rallis Travel Unique Experiences 4.6 11
CrossBorderMedCare 4.6 9
Bilalis Travel Agency 4.3 6
Health Tourism Greece 1.0 1

Most Reviewed Medical Tourism Companies in Greece


Number of reviews 


Heraklio Travel AE 244 4.6
Argo Travel Group 34 4.6
Rallis Travel Unique Experiences 11 4.6
CrossBorderMedCare 9 4.6
Bilalis Travel Agency 6 4.3
PRC Travel 3 5.0
Medisland Specialist Tour Operator 1 5.0
Medical Arrow 1 5.0
MED Elite 1 5.0
Health Tourism Greece 1 1.0

Analysis of Greek Medical Tourism Companies 

Greek top-rated medical facilitators (score 5.0) all featured few reviews, from 1 to 3 compared to Heraklio Travel AE and Argo Travel Group who both have 4.6-star ratings and 244 and 34 reviews, respectively. These two companies are very prominent on Google Maps search results thanks to their high ratings and the volume of reviews that they have amassed. We at eKomi give them a round of applause for leaving a good impression on their customers. The other companies featured on our list with star ratings above 4.0 are also to congratulate, albeit their small amount of reviews. 

How Can Greek Medical Tourism Facilitators Optimise Their Reviews and Star Ratings?

As seen in this article, a good rating and numerous reviews are the keys to being visible to potential customers on Google, a leading search engine used to find products and services. Given that medical tourists choose Greece, medical tourism facilitators have a large potential customer base to appeal to. If your company needs assistance with the management of its transaction-based ratings and reviews, eKomi offers an intelligent solution. We collect, screen, and integrate your customer feedback into Google Seller Ratings. As a result, you will rank among the top search results and increase your sales. 

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