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Are you worried about power outages with the festive holidays upon us?

Loadshedding Crhistmas 2022

Loadshedding Crhistmas 2022

Are you worried about power outages with the festive holidays upon us?

Christmas holidays are the best time of the year to rest, unwind and enjoy wonderful moments with friends and family. But when you least expect it, Eskom SA’s main electricity public utility has warned the country to brace itself for its first-ever Christmas load-shedding. After all, without the special cooking, baking, and illuminated decorations, the holidays cannot be the same.

On the flip side, it does not come as a shock, as energy supply has remained a contentious issue in the country for so long. It’s no longer something new, as evidenced by a huge number of citizens who have resorted to helping themselves by exploring other sources of power supply. Therefore, this article explores alternatives that will enable you to reduce costs without sacrificing your spirit of the season. So you and your visitors can have an unforgettable, joyful holiday season without worrying about power.

Back-Up Tips for Load Shedding Crisis this Festive Season:

Timing Is Everything
Nobody wants load shedding to disrupt their lives, especially when they depend on power for lights, to cook, clean, charge their phones, and find their way around the house at night. As such, keep up to date with your area’s planned load-shedding slots by Eskom. A common phrase heard these days in lots of SA homes. Forewarned is forearmed. By installing a dependable load-shedding app like EskomSePush on your smartphone, you can be aware of the next blackout.  l. Appliances like phones, digital lights, etc can be charged and other crucial tasks that require electricity can be scheduled. Tip: Remember to Charge Your Electronics

Alternative Power Solutions

Go Green

Nature’s natural beams of sunshine have shown to be the future alternative to an infinite supply of light. With the solar sector expanding rapidly in SA, it’s not too late to consider installing a solar system. Install a solar geyser and purchase solar lamps you can use inside during the day and outside in the garden at night. Solar energy works by transforming solar energy into power. This is a good investment as you can use it over years.

At any given time, there are more than a hundred distinct brands of solar panels and solar installing companies available in any location in SA. However, not all businesses provide the best solar panels and equipment. Key: A solar company must be considered based on a number of factors, such as credibility, reputation, warranties, durability, and quality among other things in order to be rated as the best in the industry. We urge you to do intense research on the top solar companies based on user reviews and ratings.

A Portable Generator 

I’m sure with the fuel prices, you may be shocked to see generators on the list. But after all, it’s Christmas, and portable generators are mainly purposed for such emergency backup situations. However, getting a generator might be a good idea, even though it is frequently the more expensive option, depending on your needs and your financial situation. Tip: Due to the smaller wattage of the portable generator, it does have limited usage, but can be a great makeshift in the case of load shedding.

Make the most of outdoor activities

Consider choosing traditional, or alternative non-lit decorations. Think of popcorn strings, nutcrackers, battery LED lights, and even candles with adult supervision. We don’t mean you have to revert to the Stone Age every time the power goes out. But, what are some of your go-to suggestions for “unplugged” holiday décor? 

Food Prep & Meals

The holiday season places a large emphasis on ‘togetherness’, and feasting on multi-delicious Christmas meals. As such, the preparation of the meals is often crucial in the tradition. If you are hosting a holiday gathering, consider outdoor or indoor options for making meals. With so many people increasingly selecting gas stoves, in this manner, even without electricity, a meal is guaranteed. Grilling/ braai makes good options too since the weather in SA at this time of year is so pleasant. Making your main dishes, like full turkey, meat, or braai-wors on fire/braai is much healthier, and at the same time, most South Africans don’t need much of an excuse to light a fire. 

Tip: Whatever the choice, remember to, always keep a supply of gas canisters available or charcoal in case you run out!

Visit Places and Restaurants

Most families follow a Christmas tradition every year. However, the holidays can occasionally be less than joyous due to the time required to prepare meals, the stress of logistics and planning, potential last-minute hiccups, and load shedding to top it all off. Then why not consider the option to celebrate Christmas at a restaurant, which enables you to fully appreciate the holiday season while treating loved ones to a variety of holiday favourites with very little preparation? But if you find it too difficult to break with family tradition, know that you can order holidays meal from many restaurants. Tip: Strongly suggests calling ahead and making reservations.

Power or Not, Just be Aware of All Eventualities and Live in the Moment 

As the festive holiday is drawing nearer, make sure you are well-equipped for load shedding. In a nutshell, many of the suggestions made here can be applied to day-to-day life operations. Only when we actually put things in place and make changes do we see load shedding as less of a challenge. All of these issues can be addressed, resulting in greater use of alternative energy. Our greatest tip is therefore to appreciate all the moments you will get to spend with your loved ones, no matter what Eskom plans.

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