Best Cell Phone repair shops, London United Kingdom

Cell Phone repair shops London, United Kingdom

Best Cell Phone repair shops, London United Kingdom

As cell phones are becoming more and more popular, the demand for repair services is also increasing. To keep up with the demand, there are many cell phone repair stores in London.  There are a variety of repair stores to choose from. Some repair shops specialise in repairs for one specific brand or model of phone. Others do general repairs for all types of cellphones on the market. Below we have a review of the cell phone repair market based on Google Maps reviews

Industry overview

Taking a quick look at this industry, it is evident that cell phone repair stores are a booming business in London. They are the go-to place for people with broken screens, water damage, and other problems with their phone. Some of the most popular services that these stores offer include screen replacement, battery replacement, and water damage repair. These stores can help you with a number of repairs and diagnostics, including but not limited to: hardware troubleshooting: virus removal and battery replacement. They also offer repairs for other devices and provide accessories like chargers and cases with different prices depending on the service that they offer.

Most-reviewed cell phone repair stores in London

Store Number of reviews

Square Repair LTD 538

iSmash – Canary Wharf 395

FlashFix Phone Repair Shop 322

Phone Heroes 272

Kings cross mobile Repair 219

iSmash – Fenchurch Place 155

The Phone Plug 104

Central point phone Repair Shop 92

Phone Repairal 86

Pocket Geek Tech Repair Wimbledon 31

Top-rated cell phone repair stores in London

Store Rating

The Phone Plug 5.0

Pocket Geek Tech Repair Wimbledon 5.0

Central point phone Repair Shop 4.9

Square Repair LTD 4.8

FlashFix Phone Repair Shop in London 4.8

Kings cross mobile Repair 4.8

Phone Heroes 4.7

Phone Repairal 4.6

iSmash – Fenchurch Place 4.4

iSmash – Canary Wharf 3.8


According to the data, Square Repair LTD is the top cell phone repair shop, reaching 538 reviews. iSmash – Canary Wharf is next with 395 ratings, followed by FlashFix Phone Repair Shop with 322 reviews.

Ratings, which are closely related to reviews and have a similar impact on customer satisfaction and sales, are equally important to the success of a firm. This analysis concludes the StarInsights assessment report by compiling a ranking of the top 10 London cell phone repair shops.

With a perfect score of 5.0, both The Phone Plug and Pocket Geek Tech Repair Wimbledon are rated highest. Second place is taken by Central Point Phone Repair Shop with a rating of 4.9, while third place is shared by 3 stores with a 4.8 rating. These cell phone repair stores being namely Square Repair LTD, FlashFix Phone Repair Shop and Kings cross mobile Repair. The worst-rated store is iSmash – Canary Wharf, which has an above average rating of 3.8.

We congratulate these companies for their evident focus on delivering good service as is clear by all of them having an above average rating. However, it is important to note that these companies could work on their marketing and benefit from more reviews by working with companies that offer review services such as eKomi. This is a way that companies will maximise their business potential by pairing their good service with many reviews and increase their sales. 

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