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Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Constantia, Cape Town, South Africa 

Constantia is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in South Africa. Constantia is a wine estate dating back to the 17th century. It houses the Groot Constantia Homestead and Wine Museum and features a manor of the 18th and 19th centuries as well as collections of drinking vessels and carriages. 

Constantia is an opulent area located on the Cape Peninsula surrounded by mountains and offers spectacular views of Table Mountain and Lion’s Head. The area boasts boutique wineries and estates set in a lush valley with tasting rooms and restaurants that make the Constantia Wine Route. 

This route is one of the most scenic, historical and beautiful routes in Cape Town. It takes you through the heart of the famous Constantia Valley, where you can discover a variety of attractions and activities.

Fine Restaurants in Constantia, Cape Town 

The Constantia restaurant scene has grown dramatically over the past few years. With the opening of several new establishments and a number of popular eateries gaining national attention, it is no wonder that this neighbourhood is becoming a dining destination spot for locals and visitors alike.

As an affluent area, one can expect top-of-the-range restaurants like no other in Constantia.  An important number of fine dining restaurants operate in this area, many of which have been around for decades. 

In this StarInsights report, we present you with a curated list of fine dining restaurants in Constantia based on their Google reviews and ratings. The results were extracted on 01 November 2022 and segregated in two paralleled tables as shown below: 

Best Rated Fine Dining Restaurants in Constantia, Cape Town 

Restaurant Rating Number of reviews 
La Colombe Restaurant 4.8 1610
Chefs Warehouse Beau Constantia 4.7 160
Foxcroft Restaurant 4.6 985
Incognito 4.6 191
Beau Constantia 4.6 991
Beyond Restaurant 4.5 675
Blanko 4.5 404
95 at Parks 4.5 214
Jonkershuis Constantia 4.4 2976
The Club House at Claremont Cricket Club 4.4 762

Most Reviewed Fine Dining Restaurants in Constantia, Cape Town

Restaurant Number of reviews  Rating 
Jonkershuis Constantia 2976 4.4
La Parada 2664 4.2
Simon’s Restaurant 2057 4.3
Peddlars 1865 4.2
La Colombe Restaurant 1610 4.8
Cattle Baron Constantia 1104 4.2
Beau Constantia 991 4.6
Foxcroft Restaurant 985 4.6
Blockhouse Kitchen 780 4.3
Beyond Restaurant 675 4.5

Analysis of the Google Results of Constantia Fine Dining Restaurants 

Across both charts featured in our report, most of the restaurants that made it to our lists, are the top-ranked suggested by Google after entering the search term “fine dining restaurants in Constantia”. This term does not contain any specific filtering such as “best”, however, Google recommends high-rated and heavily reviewed establishments. This shows how significant collecting reviews and ratings are for businesses. 

We congratulate all the entries on our charts, especially the top contenders in both categories. La Colombe Restaurant is the highest-rated and most reviewed of all the best-rated restaurants with 1610 reviews and 4.8-star. Jonkershuis Constantia is the most-reviewed restaurant with a total of 2976 reviews. Its rating is as appreciable, being 4.4-star. Other top restaurants on the list include La Parada (4.2-star) and Simon’s Restaurant (4.3-star) with 2664 and 2057 reviews, respectively. The rest of the entries also have good customer feedback, with all possessing over 500 reviews. 

However, during this study, we did not encounter any Constantia restaurants showing great customer feedback directly on their own website. In supplement to Google reviews, it is a clever and profitable marketing strategy that boosts your sales revenue. 

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Stay Tuned 

In three months, we will re-assess the best fine-dining restaurants in Constantia to see who will stay an industry leader. Stay tuned to the eKomi blog to keep up to date. 

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