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StarInsights The Best Holiday Accommodations in Knysna, South Africa

Best Holiday Accommodations in Knysna, South Africa 

Knysna is a town in the Western Cape Province of South Africa and is located on the shore of the Knysna Lagoon. It is situated about 60 km south of Cape Town and has a population of approximately 51,078 (2019). The area is known for its forested surroundings, waterfalls, hiking trails and beaches. As a popular tourist destination, holiday accommodations in Knysna were compared based on their Google ratings and reviews

Knysna, A Charming Jewel In the Western Cape, South Africa 

The Garden Route is famous for its natural beauty and ecotourism. The Garden Route is synonymous with the Knysna area. The Knysna Lagoon is one of the most beautiful bodies of water in South Africa. It is also a great place to go fishing, boating and hang gliding. 

Knysna area is known as a tourist destination for many reasons – it has beautiful scenery, wildlife reserves, and vineyards. The town hosts some of the best beaches in South Africa. Visitors can choose from beaches with white sand or black pebbles, depending on their preference. In general, there is an abundance of activities for people of all ages and interests in Knysna. The town also boasts some amazing restaurants, including the highly acclaimed Waterfront Seafood Café. 

The town is also known as “The Gateway to the Garden Route”  because it acts as a starting point for many adventure tours along this scenic route through South Africa’s Western Cape Province. 

Holiday Accommodations in Knysna 

When customers are planning a holiday in Knysna, it is most likely that they will want to stay in a hotel or guest house. In Knysna, there is a wide pool of options available, ranging from budget to luxury.

Whichever their preference, there are many accommodation alternatives in the Knysna area such as hotels, guesthouses, bed and breakfast establishments, self-catering cottages and camping facilities.

Hereafter, we present the results of the top holiday accommodations in Knysna as of 26 October 2022. The entries gathered were sorted according to the highest-rated and most reviewed as seen on Google Maps as follows: 

Best-Rated Holiday Accommodations in Knysna

Accommodation establishment


Number of reviews 

Paradise Private Zen Studios (Holiday Accommodation) 5.0 22
Lazy Island Self Catering 5.0 15
C&M Knysna Self Catering Luxury Home 5.0 12
Cliff House 5.0 7
Westhill Luxury Guest House 5.0 6
Beacon House 5.0 23
Forever View 5.0 12
Cliffhanger Cottages 4.9 103
Villa Afrikana Guest Suites 4.9 70
Paradise Found 4.9 62

Most-Reviewed Holiday Accommodations in Knysna

Accommodation establishment



Knysna Waterfront 1522 4.4
Protea by Marriott Hotel Knysna Quays 1075 4.3
Pezula Nature Hotel & Spa 844 4.4
Knysna River Club 519 4.4
Brenton Haven Beachfront Resort Knysna 416 4.6
aha The Rex Hotel 407 4.3
Hotel Knysna Log-Inn 359 4.1
Brenton On Sea Cottages 315 4.7
Abalone Lodges 301 4.5
Under Milkwood Chalets 250 4.7

Analysis of the Entries 

In terms of high ratings, the 5.0-star rated establishment have a very few numbers of reviews. By contrast, the 4.9-star rated competitors on this first chart have a much higher volume of reviews that range from 103 to 62. 

With respect to reviews, all the establishments have both a good volume of reviews and high ratings. The top contender is Knysna Waterfront with 1522 reviews accumulated on Google. The runner-up, Protea by Marriott Hotel Knysna Quays, has amassed 1075 reviews and following it is Pezula Nature Hotel & Spa with 844 reviews. Coupled with their ratings above 4.0 stars, this is very good customer feedback that eKomi applauds. 

Overall, one observation was common for the companies featured in this report, there is a lack of social proof from their past customers featured on their websites. As such, eKomi would like to give an opportunity to Knysna holiday accommodation establishments that have not collected enough reviews as well as to those that are already with a good number featured on Google. 

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Stay Tuned 

In three months, the same research with the same research methodology will be conducted to find out which holiday accommodation in Knysna is topping the charts. Keep an eye on the eKomi blog to keep track of the position of your establishment on Google. 

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