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Best LP Gas (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Suppliers in Cape Town, SA

Best LP Gas (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Suppliers in Cape Town, SA

Best LP Gas Suppliers in Cape Town, South Africa

“LPG is the most appropriate, efficient, and effective fuel for household thermal needs.” (Minerals and Energy Minister: Gwede Mantashe, 2022/05/13)

With load shedding taking its toll in South Africa, domestic LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is currently a necessity for every home. Living without an LPG cylinder is almost as difficult as living without an internet connection. Therefore, numerous households are adopting LPGas as an energy source of choice due to its increased acceptance as a clean, efficient, and modern energy form.

Although using domestic LPG has a tonne of other advantages, it can be hard to decide who to hire. There are so many LPGas suppliers that it can feel overwhelming. Particularly if you are unfamiliar with the gas industry, you likely won’t even know what questions to ask to determine which gas supplier is a good fit. As a result, in this StarInsights report, we evaluated the top-rated and most reviewed suppliers in the Mother City based on clients’ feedback and experiences.

Overview of Variations in the LPG market in South Africa

The production and supply of LPG involve many players in the value chain, including refineries and producers, wholesalers, distributors, dealers, retailers, and end-users. Refineries or producers are typically involved at all levels of the supply value chain, from the acquisition of crude oil up to the cylinder or bottle retailing level. Some major wholesalers or distributors also participate in the downstream transportation, bottling, storage, and distribution of LPG. Retailers or dealers may also be involved in filling LPG cylinders to sell to small industrial, commercial, or household end-users.

How to Select LPG gas Suppliers

The LPG industry is expanding at a high rate, giving users options based on things like packaging, delivery, appliances, servicing, etc. As a result, choosing the best service requires weighing your options and determining which is most appropriate for the job.

The first thing to do is conduct a web search to find out which gas suppliers in your location are credible and provide exceptional services. Online reviews have become a primary source of information that consumers use to decide where, what, and when to buy. To evaluate what other customers are saying about the LPG suppliers, check out reviews on the company website, Google, or Trustpilot. This will assist in making more informed decisions.

eKomi’s Findings on LPG Suppliers in Cape Town

For analysis purposes, the data used was obtained from Google My Business Profiles, and it is purely based on official Google ratings and reviews as of January 5, 2023. The primary goal is to assess customer experience and service provided based on what clients say about Cape Town LPG suppliers. 

Top-rated LPG Supplier in Cape Town

Gas Company Rating Reviews Website
KepuGas 5.0 58
AsGas 5.0 7
Premier-Gas Deliveries South Suburbs 4.8 50
Trojan Trading 4.7 15
Premier Gas Deliveries CPT Central 4.4 46
Taurus Gas 4.4 39
GEC – Gas And Equipment Centre CC 4.3 65
Gas Partners Pty Ltd 4.1 48
Synergy Gas (Pty) Ltd 4.1 9
Woodstock Gas Online 4.0 343

Most reviewed LPG Supplier in Cape Town

Gas Company Reviews Rating Website
Woodstock Gas Online 343 4.0
GEC – Gas And Equipment Centre CC 65 4.3
KepuGas 58 5.0
Premier-Gas Deliveries South Suburbs 50 4.8
Gas Partners Pty Ltd 48 4.1
Premier Gas Deliveries CPT Central 46 4.4
Taurus Gas 39 4.4
Trojan Trading 15 4.7
Synergy Gas (Pty) Ltd 9 4.1
AsGas 7 5.0

The top-rated LPG supplier in the Mother City is a tie between two companies, namely, KepuGas and AsGas, both with 5.0-star ratings. In terms of reviews, Woodstock Gas Online leads the pack with 343 reviews and a 4.0-star rating. These top-listed companies are more visible online because they provide exceptional services. Most reviews highlight that they cater to consumers’ expectations, and when it comes to convenience, the delivery aspect ticks all the boxes. (Click on the website links)

Congratulations to the CEOs of the top-listed LPG suppliers in Cape Town for their excellent services. eKomi would like to urge these businesses to work on their digital business footprint by working to increase good reviews and ratings on the business page.

Final Thoughts 

There is no doubt that domestic and commercial LPG are becoming more popular, but you must be cautious when selecting a supplier. The bottom line is that in order to find the right company that provides the gas services that are right for you, you must first find one that is willing to assist you in any way possible.  Thorough research beforehand will help to avoid future mishaps. In the end, you want a company with good customer service and financial options that can provide you with the best LPG products for your needs.


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