Best Online Pharmacies in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

A review of Pharmacies in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Best Online Pharmacies in Riyadh

The pharmacy in every community is one of the well known places. While there are many big pharmacy chains in Saudi Arabia, the impact of these outlets on the country and some of the nearby Arabian nations cannot be over-emphasized. As such, in this StarInsights report, we examine the best online pharmacies in Riyadh based on ratings and reviews given by customers on Google Maps.

A Summation of Online Pharmacies

In the past few years, online purchasing has expanded significantly, leading to the establishment of online pharmacies. The same range of services that traditional pharmacies provide can be found online, and many even offer extras like special discounts and overnight shipping. All without the inconvenience of standing in line at many physical pharmacies. Consequently, with all the available options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in deciding if an online pharmacy is right for you and your medication needs. And even if you do decide to try going online, which online pharmacy should you choose?

Selecting the Best Online Pharmacy

Due to the fact that there are many different channels available to modern customers. A lot of consumers begin their searches online since it allows them to swiftly compare options from several sellers. Mostly with online purchases, consumers compare and rate service, product range, prescription availability and speed of dispensing, value for money, and overall satisfaction.

As a result, evaluating customer feedback in the form of online reviews and ratings is the first port of call.  Thus, reviews are advantageous to both the client and the business. After obtaining care and medication, patients’ reviews have an instant impact on how other patients see the brand. All things considered, eKomi has searched Google to hand-pick the top-rated and most-reviewed online pharmacies in Riyadh, as shown in the tables below:


Pharmacy Rating Review
Balsam Pharmacy 5.0 1
Jazea Pharmacy 4 – صيدلية الجازع ٤ 4.7 13
صيدلية الصحة الجيدة (5) الغافقي good health pharmacy (5) 4.6 10
United Pharmacy 4.2 19
Orange Pharmacy 4.1 46
Alsaggaf Pharmacy 4.0 36

Most reviewed

Pharmacy Review Rating
Adama Pharmacy 172 3.3
Zahrat Al Rawdah Pharmacy 14 صيدلية زهرة الروضة 84 3.5
Noura Pharmacy Riyadh Branch صيدلية نورا,الرياض 70 3.8
Orange Pharmacy 65 3.8
صيدلية ليمون حي المروج LEMON PHARMACY 63 3.4
Nahdi pharmacy | صيدليه النهدى 60 3.8
Alsaggaf Pharmacy 36 4.0

Congratulations to the companies on this list in both categories. Accordingly, their excellent customer service has earned them a place among the best. Balsam Pharmacy, is the top-rated pharmacy with a perfect 5.0-star rating, followed by Al SALAH PHARMACY NO. 4 and Jazea – صيدلية الجازع ٤ with 4.8 stars and 4.7-star ratings, respectively. In terms of reviews, Adama Pharmacy leads all Riyadh pharmacies with 172, followed by Zahrat Al Rawdah Pharmacy 14 () with 84 and Noura Pharmacy Riyadh Branch () in third place with 70.

Likewise, other online firms can achieve the same high ranking in this search results.  eKomi has a review system that improves your ability to appear when customers search terms like “pharmacies near me,” “where can I get a prescription,” and so on. Chiefly, this keeps your pharmacy at the top of its game! Contact us to schedule a free consultation session where you will be shown how to obtain pharmacy reviews.

A Word From eKomi

All in all, consumers have an increasing number of options for convenient ways to purchase prescriptions. Consequently, using an online pharmacy can be a cost-effective and convenient way to fill your prescriptions, but you’ll want to do your research to verify that an online pharmacy is safe and legal.

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