Best Pasta Restaurants in and around Italy | eKomi StarInsights

Best Pasta Restaurants in and around Italy

Best Pasta Restaurants in and around Italy | eKomi StarInsights

Italy is best known for their pasta. And which comes in over 400 different shapes. Pasta is a staple food in Italy, such as hamburgers are in America. They are cooked differently, and the Italians have developed a variety of sauces to accompany these pastas. They love their pasta so much that they are easily offended if it is not eaten properly or if Spaghetti is cut in half.

The Traditional way of doing things

Italy has the best and most traditional pasta. The dish is composed of various types of pasta and can be accompanied by a variety of sauces and toppings. Many of the country’s dishes are made with fresh pasta and can be eaten at any time of day or night.

Pasta is typically served with sauce or mixed with additional ingredients such as meat or vegetables. Pasta comes in a variety of shapes and sizes in Italy, including macaroni, spaghetti, penne, and lasagne and so on. Each country has its own distinct type of pasta that it produces better than anyone else on the planet. If you haven’t already, you should try some of Italy’s amazing pastas. It is served with any meal, but it is not limited to dinner or lunch. 

This is due to the fact that Italians are known for their lengthy lunches and dinners. Pasta is a popular food choice among Italians because it is low in fat, and high in protein, making it ideal for those looking to lose weight. It also provides your body with vitamins and minerals that aid in health maintenance. Pasta is typically served with sauce or mixed with additional ingredients such as meat or vegetables. Pasta comes in a variety of shapes and sizes in Italy, including macaroni, spaghetti, penne, and lasagne.

Table manners when at an Italian restaurant

Do not twirl your spaghetti with a spoon

To spin longer spaghetti around their fork, true Italians grind their fork on the plate’s bottom. So, instead of cutting long, thin noodles like spaghetti or angel hair with a knife or the back of a fork, spin them a few at a time to fit them into your mouth. 

Remove the cheese if the spaghetti sauce contains fish or shellfish

No grating cheese over fresh pasta with shrimp, salmon, or scallops isn’t authentically Italian. Instead, if the recipe calls for fish or shellfish, sprinkle breadcrumbs on top of the spaghetti.

Don’t ask for more cheese when dining out

If you’re at an authentic Italian restaurant and have already had a pasta dish with cheese on it, don’t ask for more. Excessive cheese will drown out the other flavours in the dish, which is considered disrespectful to the chef.

Consume pasta as a first course on its own

Spaghetti isn’t even the main course for Italians! Instead, order it as one of your first meals, without the salad or meatballs, and feast like an authentic Italian. In an Italian restaurant, you start with the appetizers (bread and cured meats) and then move on to your main course, which is usually pasta. Then comes your main course, a meat dish, and finally dessert.

The table below shows the Best Rated and Most Reviewed Best Pasta places in Italy. The research was conducted and obtained from Google Maps, however, these results are subject to change with time.

The Best Rated Pasta Places in Italy

Restaurant Ratings Reviews
Pasto – Laboratorio di pasta con cucina 4.7 763
Trattoria Trippa 4.7 1 042
L’immagine Bistrot Ristorante 4.7 1 707
Pasta Fresca Da Giovanni 4.6 599
Rizzocomeacasa 4.6 1 860
Bosco Verticale Restaurant 4.6 582
da Vic 4.6 479
Nerino Dieci Trattoria 4.5 1 871
Trattoria de la Trebia Milano 4.5 1 360
Trattoria la vecchia guardia 4.4 641

The Most Reviewed Pasta Places in Italy

Restaurant Reviews Ratings
Miscusi Stazione Centrale 4 379 4.3
Osteria Mamma Rosa 2 868 4.4
Nerino Dieci Trattoria 1 871 4.5
Rizzocomeacasa 1 860 4.6
L’immagine Bistrot Ristorante 1 707 4.7
Salsamenteria di Parma San Babila 1 654 4.3
Antica Osteria Cavallini 1 052 4.2
Trattoria Trippa 1 042 4.7
Dongiò 928 4.4
Ristorante Sa Mesa 804 4.4

The first table shows the research we have gathered on the best-rated pasta places in Italy, and we can see that Pasto – Laboratorio di pasta con cucina,Trattoria Trippa and L’immagine Bistrot Ristorante have taken the trophy for the first place. Ratings are an essential part of the business, and they help boost the customer service.

The second table shows the result gathered from Google Maps and as we can that miscusi Stazione Centrale is leading with a score of 4 379 reviews and the rest are not far off.

In closing

Pasta is the world’s most popular main course, a sign of Italian culture and national pride. This is why proper pasta preparation is so important to Italians. It is more than food, it is an element of unity shared throughout Italy, it is an integral part of all Italian’s lifestyles, popular culture simple but traditional. Pasta reflects tradition, and it will remain a symbol of Italian cuisine.

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