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Best Pizza Places in Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs-Claremont

Looking for a pizza place that consistently makes the perfect crust, sauce, and topping combinations? It’s not hard to find your favourite pizza, but it’s not always easy to know where to find the best deals or how to pick the best pizza restaurants. In today’s StarInsights report, we analyse Pizza Shops in Claremont, Cape Town using results from Google Seller Ratings’ aggregated rating and review system that have been made publicly available.

Industry Overview Pizza Places

In the Southern Suburbs, the suburb of Claremont serves as a significant commercial hub and is home to a number of malls. The well-known shopping centres include Stadium on Main and Cavendish Square. Like in any other country you might visit, pizza is a major industry in SA. Pizza is considered to be a fast food item and is frequently eaten out or on the go. Delivery or dine-in, Claremont has some of the best pizza options around. 

With so many options to choose from, there is no disputing the value of online reviews for pizza restaurants; they are the backbone of the sector. They elevate engagement, distinguish a restaurant from the competition, and ultimately boost sales. Additionally, nowadays, people find restaurants primarily online. They won’t risk a visit if they just happen to come across a restaurant and see that you have no reviews.

Not to mention that unnoticed restaurants won’t stand out in Google’s rankings. This implies that when people search for restaurant reviews, they won’t appear on the first page. So, using ratings and reviews given by customers on Google Maps, we conducted a study on the best and most-rated Pizza Restaurants in Claremont. Without further ado, let’s delve into the stats.

Top-rated Pizza Place in Claremont

Pizza Place Rating Number of Reviews
Mehanos Pizza Claremont 4.7 3
Borruso’s 4.6 941
Hudsons (Claremont) 4.4 2358
The Village Bicycle 4.4 652
Al’s Place Restaurant 4.4 275
Oblivion Bar & Kitchen 4.3 2195
Rascals Pub 4.3 1182
Basilico 4.3 1202
Panarottis Claremont 4.2 1368
PRIMI Cavendish 4.2 958

Most reviewed Pizza Place in Claremont

Pizza Place Number of Reviews Rating
Hudsons (Claremont) 2358 4.4
Oblivion Bar & Kitchen 2195 4.3
Panarottis Claremont 1368 4.2
Basilico 1202 4.3
Rascals Pub 1182 4.3
PRIMI Cavendish 958 4.2
Borruso’s 941 4.6
Col’Cacchio – Cavendish 889 4.1
Col’Cacchio – Belvedere Square 710 4.1
The Village Bicycle 652 4.4

In our list of the top-rated Pizza places, Mehanos Pizza Claremont tops the list rankings, occupying the first position and a total 4.7-stars out of 5-Star rating. Borruso’s comes in second place with a stable 4.6-star rating, while the majority of the listed establishments have an average rating of four point something (4. stars). In terms of the most reviewed Pizza places, Hudsons (Claremont) occupies position number one again with 2358 reviews, exceeding all other companies. The second-best position is held by Oblivion Bar & Kitchen with 2195 reviews. Position number three is held by Panarottis Claremont with 1368 reviews.

It’s important to understand that customer reviews are the cornerstone of any business because they act as recommendations for expanding customer base. They are also a key factor in boosting overall website traffic, which raises customers’ activities that generate income. While reminding them that we will be conducting another evaluation of the pizza places in the coming three months, we offer our congratulations to the CEOs of Claremont’s top-rated and most reviewed pizza restaurants.

We also implore the owners to invest in the branding and marketing of their pizza business and to promote the core values that guide it. Increasing brand recognition and maintaining a strong online presence will make it easier to interact with people and attract new customers. In order to help pizza businesses compete better in the market, eKomi is providing a free consultation. The company will also make recommendations on how to improve sales, marketing, and customer relations.

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