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Best Parks and Gardens in Copenhagen

In the presence of nature, a wild delight runs through the man, in spite of real sorrows…

Nature, the natural habitat of all living beings, is the most effective way to achieve ultimate mind relaxation and physical well-being. In other words, today’s urbanized lifestyle, with high-rise buildings and commercialized towns, is far from what it was centuries ago. Naturally, this demonstrates that our brains and bodies were designed for environments very different from the one we are currently in. As a result, we must expose ourselves to nature as often as possible. As a result, this StarInsights report provides a comprehensive analysis of the most praised and reviewed parks and gardens in Copenhagen, allowing you to breathe fresh air whenever you want in the best locations around town.

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While COVID-19 limited outdoor activities and the time people spent outside their homes in open spaces such as parks and gardens, such activities have begun to resume, especially in 2022. This is demonstrated by the fact that, despite the closure of approximately 30% of all parks in Europe, net revenue for 2022 has remained above $10 billion thus far. This market is expected to expand at a CAGR of more than 3% over the next five years. Copenhagen has the most individual parks of any city in Denmark. In other words, the parks in Copenhagen contribute significantly to the revenue earned by parks throughout Denmark. This report provides a statistical breakdown of some of Denmark’s most famous and renowned parks to assist you in locating the best parks among this large number.

Best Rated Parks and/or Gardens in Copenhagen 

Park and/or Garden


Number of Reviews

Frederiksberg Have  4.7 5723
Rosenhaven 4.7 41
The King’s Gardens 4.6 10643 
Botanical Garden 4.6 4532
Garden of the Royal Library 4.6 1692
Jægersborg Dyrehave 4.6 553
Damhusegen 4.6 385
Haveselskabets Have 4.6 357
Tivoli Gardens 4.5 65654
Ørstedsparken 4.5 4178
Søndermarken 4.5 3331
Valby Park 4.5 3133
Sydhavnstippen 4.5 1028
Memorial Park 4.5 904

Most Reviewed Parks and/or Gardens in Copenhagen

Park and/or Garden


Number of Reviews

Tivoli Gardens 4.5 65,654
Langelinie 4.3 21,294
The King’s Gardens 4.6 10,643
Frederiksberg Have 4.7 5,723
Fælledparken 4.4 5,413
Botanical Garden 4.6 4,532
Ørstedsparken 4.5 4,178
Søndermarken 4.5 3,331
Valby Park 4.5 3,133
Superkilen Park 4.2 2,716
Østre Anlæg Park 4.4 1,862
Garden of the Royal Library 4.6 1,692
Enghave Park 4.2 1,074
Sydhavnstippen 4.5 1,028

Data for this analysis was obtained on September 24, 2022, through the Google Business Profile. Frederiksberg Have has a 4.7-star rating from over 5000 reviews, making it one of Copenhagen’s top ten parks and gardens. This was followed by Rosenhaven, a relatively new garden with similar ratings but 41 reviews. The King’s Garden was third, with a 4.6-star rating and approximately 11000 reviews. Congratulations on receiving so many positive ratings and welcoming reviews.

In terms of reviews, the Trivoli Garden received the most, with a whopping 65,654 and a fantastic 4.5-star rating. Langelinie is next, with about 20,000 reviews and a 4.3-star rating. Last but not least is King’s Garden, which has a 4.6-star rating based on 10,643 reviews. It should be noted that King’s Garden was on both the best-rated and most-reviewed lists. Overall, applause goes to all the gardens and parks that made it to the top ten lists above.


Because the grocery industry is so fast-paced and ever-changing, any parks and gardens that outperform these in the coming days will be reflected in the next eKomi report. Overall, this report provided a clear picture of the value of business acumen and investment in online marketing. We at eKomi can help you get positive Google reviews and promote your business. As a result, you are welcome to schedule a consultation.

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