Best Smartphones Stores in Lagos

Best Smartphones Stores in Lagos

Best Smartphones Stores in Lagos

Looking to buy a new phone? Getting a phone in Nigeria can be complicated if you don’t know where to shop. Nonetheless, today’s StarInsights report, puts together a comprehensive list of the best smartphones’ stores in Lagos, Nigeria. This guide will help you make an informed decision, helping you get the phone and contract that is best suited to your needs and budget.

Market Overview 

The mobile phone industry is a rapidly growing sector, and the business of selling cellphones has become a lucrative market. According to a 2022 study on the mobile phone industry, Nigeria’s smartphone market is one of the fastest-growing in the entire globe. In fact, 60% of urban Nigerians own smartphones, while the revenue in the Smartphones segment is expected to amount to US$9.39bn in 2023. (Statista

Mainly, the market is segmented based on operating systems (iOS, Android, and others), price range, features, and geography. As a result, the cellphone selling business is highly competitive, with established players like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and others dominating the market. However, there are also many smaller players who compete by offering budget-friendly phones and feature-rich models at lower prices.

Numerous cellphone stores exists in Nigeria and there are various distribution channels such as retail stores, online marketplaces, telecom carriers, and direct-to-consumer models. Consequently, the cellphone selling business is a dynamic and competitive market with several growth opportunities. As technology continues to evolve and demand for smartphones rises, the market is likely to witness further growth and innovation.

How to Find the Best Smartphone Stores

Finding the best smartphone store can be a challenging task, especially when there are many options available. A few factors determine which mobile deals are the best. For instance, numerous people have fallen victim to fraud, signing up for post-paid contracts that appear to offer better devices. Consequently, therefore, to find the best smartphone store, it is essential to research, evaluate, and compare various options available. Based on factors like reputation, product selection, customer service, warranty, pricing, and additional services. By taking these steps, you can find a store that meets your needs and provides high-quality products and services.

eKomi’s Review

It’s important to remember that selecting the best store to buy from is crucial when selecting the kind and brand of a smartphone. There is such a wide variety of these mobile cellphones available on the market. It is therefore fairly safe to mention that the Nigerian smartphones market is a highly competitive one that sells products quickly. To this end, eKomi has searched Google to hand-pick the top-rated and most-reviewed smartphone stores in Lagos as of 22 February 2023. We sorted the data entries in descending order in the two following charts shown below:


Store Rating Reviews
E-Mobile Stores 5.0 36
Rhmstech 5.0 35
Phone Centrum & Trills 5.0 5
Available phones and Gadgets 4.8 5
KShopey 4.6 5
iStore Ikeja Mall 4.4 153
Pointek Surulere Branch 4.2 122

Most reviewed

Store Reviews Rating
GSM Plaza Saka Tinubu 1251 3.9
Go – Sky Mobile World 209 3.8
iStore Ikeja Mall 153 4.4
Pointek Surulere Branch 122 4.2
Best Mobile Stores 69 4.1
Pointek 50 4.0
E-Mobile Stores 36 5.0
Rhmstech 35 5.0

E-Mobile Stores, Rhmstech, OUR PHONES AND GADGETS and Phone Centrum & Trills are tied for the top spot. These four stores retailers received very good ratings of 5.0 stars from eKomi’s analysis of the top-rated smartphone retailers. In terms of reviews, GSM Plaza Saka Tinubu leads the pack with an astounding, 1251 reviews. Go – Sky Mobile World follows in second with 209 reviews and iStore Ikeja Mall in third with 153 reviews.

According to eKomi, a unique platform whose mission is to help businesses expand by injecting good ratings to enhance organic traffic and company purchases. The mobile phones market could undoubtedly do better regarding customer evaluations. However, we applaud the industry for prioritizing high ratings and congratulate the CEOs of all the top-rated and most reviewed companies.

In Summing Up the Best Smartphone Stores

This concludes our list of stores in Lagos where you may buy smartphones. While that isn’t too difficult, choosing the right time and place to get one might be challenging. You will undoubtedly need to conduct preliminary research to determine whether a retailer—online or offline—offers the best price and has the potential to generate big savings. Likewise, the eKomi team presents all smartphone stores and sellers with an offer to assess customer satisfaction, which includes a free consultation to determine the level of growth a business is at and to heighten its sales development and online search traffic.

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