Best Solar Companies in Cape Town

Solar Companies in Cape Town

Best Solar Companies in Cape Town

In South Africa, solar energy is quickly replacing other sources of power as the standard, and it rightfully fulfils its promise of offering a reliable source of power at a reasonable cost. In this StarInsights report, we evaluate the best solar companies in Cape Town

Market Overview

The energy landscape in South Africa has experienced various problems, which led to record-high load shedding. But throughout 2022, encouraging seeds were planted, with many organizations realizing the advantages of alternative forms of energy supply for industrial, commercial, and domestic uses.

As a result, the solar power market is growing at a fast pace, with the country aiming to achieve 15,000 MW of installed solar power capacity by 2030. With the government offering financial incentives for the installation of rooftop solar PV systems, it has become feasible for even households to install solar panels on their rooftops.

According to a report published by, Mordon Intelligence, the South African solar energy market is expected to witness a CAGR of 10.56% during the forecast period, 2022-2027. So, it’s only natural that we have many solar companies and players in the solar market. Based on such a notion, everyone seems to be looking to contribute to this ever-growing industry. Choosing the ideal solar business for your specific needs can therefore be extremely challenging.

Selecting the Right Solar Companies

Solar panels are a long-term investment, which is why it’s important to thoroughly vet providers to find the right one for your needs. But how do you choose from the dozens of solar providers?

Most people typically look at the obvious elements like, cost, compare offerings, company size, warranties, etc. Although these elements are crucial, in today’s digital world, online reputation usually takes precedence over everything. Customer experience has become the global currency. All the certifications and experience in the world won’t matter as much if the company doesn’t treat its customers well. From attaining the correct permits to choosing the size of your solar array to installations, going solar is complicated. You want to work with a company that is approachable and helpful.

The easiest approach to choose a reliable solar provider is to start by looking at online reviews and ratings of their prior work. Online reviews provide information about the reputation and credibility of a solar company. In essence, reviews and ratings obtained online can help you in making the right decision, because online reviews and ratings can provide valuable insights into the experiences of others who have already tried a product or used a service. This information can be useful in helping you make an informed decision about whether a product or service is likely to meet your needs and expectations.

Consequently, for the purpose of our StarInsights report, to determine the best solar companies in Cape Town. The information utilized was derived from companies Google My Business profiles, solely based on authentic Google ratings and reviews. The aim was to evaluate customer service based on what customers in Mother City have to say about solar providers. 

Top-rated Solar Company

Firm Name Rating Reviews  
Solar Energy Architects 5.0 16
AWPower (Pty) Ltd 5.0 14
SolarCheck 5.0 7
The Sol Energy 5.0 7
Greenability Installations 5.0 4
Treetops Renewable Energy Systems 4.8 42
SomeWatt Solar 4.8 24
Renaissance Solar 4.8 19
M Solar Power Distribution 4.7 23
IBC Solar South Africa (Pty) Ltd. 4.7 7

Most Reviewed Solar Company

Firm Name Reviews Rating
Smart Energy SA 42 4.2
Treetops Renewable Energy Systems 42 4.8
SomeWatt Solar 24 4.8
M Solar Power Distribution 23 4.7
Renaissance Solar 19 4.8
Solar Energy Architects 16 5.0
AWPower (Pty) Ltd 14 5.0
Wind and Solar (Pty) Ltd 12 3.0
GreenSun 10 4.4
GreenSun 10 4.4

Judging from the research findings above on the most rated solar company, half of the listed companies have perfect score ratings of 5.0 stars, while the remaining have stable ratings as well, with the least being rated 4.7stars. The only difference among these companies lies in the number of reviews. The most reviewed solar company is a tie between Smart Energy SA and Treetops Renewable Energy Systems. Both with 42 reviews, followed by SomeWatt Solar with 24 reviews, while M Solar Power Distribution has 23 reviews.

This is a very competitive and customer oriented industry. These companies have to keep up the great service they are providing as they have the most demanding clientèle. However, the stats are not very pleasing with today’s demand of internet in the industry, those numbers need to improve. eKomi would like to urge these businesses to work on their digital business footprint by working to increase good reviews and ratings on the business page.

Final Thoughts on Solar Companies

Numerous top solar companies have been working relentlessly to help SA achieve its dream to restore energy normalcy and of course a carbon-free nation. The bottom line is that to find the right company that offers the solar panels that are right for you, you have to find that one that is willing to help you out in any way possible. You want a company with good customer service, financial options and who can provide you with the best solar panels for your needs. In the end, if you choose a company with good customer service and a great reputation, you can feel confident in your decision.


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