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Best Stores for School Supplies and Accessories in Johannesburg

Best Stores for School Supplies and Accessories in Johannesburg

Best Stores for School Supplies and Accessories in Johannesburg

Best Stores for School Supplies and Accessories in Johannesburg

“I’ve always loved the first day of school better than the last day of school. Firsts are best because they are beginnings.” – Jenny Han

Back-to-school season always elicits a wide range of feelings. Regardless of whether you are starting basic school or an MBA degree. Going back to school calls for updating everything from a ruler to your laptop to your backpack.

Excitement is in the air as children try on their new clothes and use their backpacks. On the other hand, nerves are taking over parents who are trying to make sure they get every school supply on their assigned list. While doing so, teachers are trying to inspire even the youngest kids and prepare them for the upcoming school year. In this StarInsights we examine the best school supplies and accessories stores in Johannesburg, SA based on user reviews and ratings.

An Overview of School Supplies & Accessories 

Each child must have the necessary school supplies, both at the start of each academic year and as needed throughout the school year. These supplies contain useful items like school uniforms for both seasons, socks, shoes, hair accessories, and other stationary items. For instance, pencils, pens, erasers, text books, and notebooks etc. Also, referred to as school supplies, includes items required for extracurricular activities at school. These materials include things like art and craft equipment, paints and crayons, sportswear, and other gear related to sports.

This is the reason why numerous school supplies stores exist. These school supply stores sell a wide selection of educational materials both online and offline. However, selecting the best store can be difficult given the number of stores available.

Impact of Reviews on School Supplies & Accessories Stores

According to statistics, most customers consult online reviews while deciding which goods and services to buy. Although it is simple to believe that customer evaluations are significant. Nothing illustrates this point more clearly than objective statistics on how reviews are used and how they affect businesses. 

Customer reviews evaluations provide insight into consumer behaviour before and after utilizing a service or making a purchase. Reviews not only can impact consumer choices, but they also increase the credibility of a store or business. Reviews have the power to win over customers and promote communication with the business. In the end, customer interaction ultimately leads to improved profits for businesses and is the major determinant of market share. Based on this background, we have analysed the reviews every school supplies stores in Johannesburg has on their business page on Google My Business Profiles.

Most reviewed school supplies stores

Store Reviews Rating
Amod & Sons 504 4.4
PNA Springs Mall 80 4.3
Ebsons 76 4.3
A Wear 70 4.3
Esquires School & Sportswear 68 4.6
Easy Stationers CC 46 4.7
Power Stores (Pty) Ltd 39 4.1
CNA 35 3.8
Bidvest Waltons Princess Crossing 29 3.3
Suliman Ismail Mia & Co. Pty Ltd 26 4.7

In terms of reviews, Amod & Sons is the most reviewed with a stunning 504 reviews, followed by PNA Springs Mall with 80 reviews and Ebsons with 76 reviews is in third place. These stores have made considerable progress in delivering a better experience for their customers. They put a strong emphasis on building meaningful relationships with their customers and exceptional customer experience.

Top-rated school supplies stores

Store Rating Reviews
Family Shop – School Wear Uniforms 5.0 6
KCSA 5.0 4
Easy Stationers CC 4.7 46
Suliman Ismail Mia & Co. Pty Ltd 4.7 26
Esquires School & Sportswear 4.6 68
Amod & Sons 4.4 504
PNA Springs Mall 4.3 80
Ebsons 4.3 76
A Wear 4.3 70
The Book Centre (Robert Broom) 4.3 11

Ratings are also quite significant to a business’s importance, and in the long run, they boost customer satisfaction and sales. Based on the official Google My Business ratings, the best-rated school supplies store in Johannesburg is a tie between Family Shop – School Wear Uniforms and KCSA both with 5.0 stars rating. It’s important to note that all the listed school supplies stores managed to acquire a fair rating of 4.0 stars, with the least rated 4.3 stars.

Great job to the CEOs of the stores for understanding the importance of reviews. It’s crucial to realize that customer reviews serve as the foundation of any company because they serve as recommendations for promoting business. 

Final Thoughts

Customers who peruse school supplies and accessories store online product page can get a sense of what to expect from the services and the advantages products provide. Furthermore, the more reviews a store has, the better its chances of improving credibility, consumer trust, and customer engagement. 

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