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A Review of Pet Sitters in the USA

Pet sitters are one of the most underestimated workers.

This StarInsights review by eKomi looks to create a real-time analysis of the currency and acceptability of the services they deliver to their target market, which is pet owners. Not every pet owner can be there to feed, watch and tend to all the other needs of their pets. This is why pet sitters render an invaluable service of keeping these precious animals alive by feeding them and providing them companionship when their owners can’t do so. 

Industry Overview

Pet sitters do a lot more functions than you can ever imagine. They ensure that a pet remains in its safe zone and keep it away from any danger that the environment could pose. They keep the animal in great physical and even mental shape by keeping to their diet and exercise routine as specified by the veterinarian. Sometimes, they also take the pets for medical treatment. All of these afford pet owners the freedom to travel without making plans for their pets. It also assures them some peace of mind when they leave their home for work or any other assignments to which they can’t take their pets.

While some work environments now allow employees to bring in their pets, many still operate a no-pet policy. However, most workers struggle with this because they hardly know who to turn to whenever they need to stay away from their homes. This is because they can’t find the right options to put their pets with. More often than not, this is a result of not finding any pet sitter with good reviews online

Reviews are necessary to show pet owners how well their pets will be taken care of in their absence. It is usually posted by pet owners who have already used the service and consider it a disservice not to put out any testimony of meeting their pets in great condition just as they left it. Reviews do the ultimate job of showing someone else that it is possible to be away from your pet and stay not bothered about how they are kept.

Top-rated Pet Sitters in the US

Pet Sitters


Number of Reviews

Pet Sitters Club 5.0 183
Wet Noses Pet Sitting 5.0 110
RCO Pet Care 5.0 71
The Savvy Sitter, Pet Sitting and Dog Walking 5.0 52
Birds and Critters Pet Sitters 5.0 49
Sugar’s Pet Sitting 5.0 44
Animal Magnetism Pet Professionals 5.0 39
Bare Paws NYC Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters 5.0 33
Paws At Home – Pet Sitting & Dog Walking 5.0 26
District Pet Care 5.0 26

Most reviewed pet sitters in the US

Pet Sitter

Number of Reviews


DFW Pet Sitting Services, Inc. 295 4.9
Pet Sitters Club 183 5.0
Park Cities Pet Sitter 130 4.9
PlayTime Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers of Colorado Springs 120 4.9
Wet Noses Pet Sitting 110 5.0
Pet Care Specialists 107 4.8
NYC Pet Services 103 4.5
Top Dog Pet Sitters, LLC 71 4.9
Bad to the Bone Pet Care 66 4.6
The Savvy Sitter, Pet Sitting and Dog Walking 52 5.0

Big kudos to the best rated and most reviewed pet sitters on this table. Pet Sitters Club comes first with a 5.0-rating over 183 reviews. Second is DFW Pet Sitting Services, Inc, which polled a total of 295 reviews and a 4.9-rating. Finally, Wet Noses Pet Sitting secured third place on this listing with a 5.0-rating and 110 reviews. These companies have carefully curated their services to match and measure up to the changing needs of their market.

The CEOs of these companies have over time built systems that recognize the inconvenience that most pet owners have. They also have been able to placate pet owners’ anxiety over the years by keeping their pets in premium shape till their return. Whenever animals fall sick, they had enough information about the animal that expedited first aid and eventual treatment. This is a show of perfect and unequalled pet-sitting service delivery.

Your pet-sitting company can also stand as strong competition against these companies, as detailed on this list. eKomi delivers a review system that allows you to stay on top of search results for search queries such as pet sitter, pet sitting company around me, and other related searches. This put you at the forefront of the race to get in front of customers as quickly as possible, resulting in higher patronage and desired turnover. You can book a free consultation where you will get directions on how to get reviews for your company.

One thing you need to know is that this list is reviewed every four months after it is published. This is because companies get new ratings and reviews over time, and this changes their position on the list. This is proof that your company can top this list in the next review. With the right ratings and a commitment to ensuring the safety and healthiness of pets in their absence. 

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