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StarInsights Wedding Planners in Sydney, Australia

Exploring Wedding Planners in Sydney, Australia 

Remember tonight … for it is the beginning of always.” – Dante Alighieri

For soon-to-be wedded pairs, making their wedding day a success is a priority. In most cultures, marriage is a sacred institution, it symbolises the foundation of two individuals in love, and it marks the beginning of a lifelong journey between two people. For this reason, weddings are extremely special celebrations people take time to organise. 

Not everyone may possess the skill to plan such a grandiose function. It can take up to two years for a couple to plan their special ceremony. By virtue of this, wedding planners become necessary. Their job is to take charge of coordinating all aspects of the day, including the venue, theme, catering, decorations, and ceremony entertainment, among others. 

In this StarInsight report, we browsed and searched for la crème de la crème wedding planners operating in Sydney, Australia based on their reviews and ratings on Google. The results were as follows:

Best Rated Wedding Planners in Sydney, Australia



Number of reviews 

Pink Caviar Events 5.0 11
Samantha Burke Events 5.0 56
Girl Friday Weddings 5.0 14
My Proposal Co. 5.0 51
Workshop Events 5.0 16
Surprise Proposals 5.0 93
EventoloG 5.0 14
Catering By Design – Northern Beaches 5.0 29
Nightingales Wedding Planning 5.0 3


Most Reviewed Wedding Planners in Sydney, Australia


Number of reviews 


OzParty Event Planner 265 4.8
Event Weddings 121 4.8
Symphony Events  134 4.9
Surprise Proposals 93 5.0
Taj Mahal Events 82 4.7
Shared Affair 73 4.9
Ecater  70 4.9
Samantha Burke Events 56 5.0
EventZen 56 4.9
My Proposal Co. 51 5.0

Which Australian Wedding Planning Company is ahead?

The event planning industry in Sydney, Australia is dynamic. Across Sydney and its inner cities, we screened 35+ wedding planners, with just a few operating online without a physical address in the city. This means that soon-to-be-married couples are left with a vast choice on whom to leave the planning of their “big day”. 

All top-rated wedding planners scored a stellar 5.0. The highest-reviewed company with a 5.0-star rating, Surprise Proposals, featured 93 reviews on Google. On another hand, the most reviewed wedding planner in Sydney was found to be OzParty Event Planner, with a staggering 265 reviews annexed to an incredible 4.8-star rating. Generally, in our list of “most reviewed wedding planners”, all companies scored extremely high with star ratings between 5.0 and 4.7. 

Wedding Industry Analysis 

According to Google Reviews, the wedding planning industry in Sydney, Australia is filled with sublime service providers. One who needs to manage their wedding day has access to industry leaders.

However, we noted one point while browsing the companies’ websites featured in our report. We noticed that very few establishments had Google Seller Ratings directly available on their website. Moreover, most of the companies with good ratings and reviews were not among the top search results. 

Our Contribution

As a token of contribution, eKomi would like to introduce to Sydney-based wedding planners its proprietary review collection service. We are a Google Reviews company. This means, using our intelligent software, all your authentic transaction-based customer feedback will be integrated into Google but also syndicated onto other search engines. More reviews, more visibility, more credibility, more profits.

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