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Cape Town Perfume Stores with the Best Customer Feedback

Perfume is the art that makes memory speak.” – Francis Kurkdjian

Perfumes are a blend of fragrant chemical compounds, mostly synthetic, used to mask odours and smell pleasant. The French designer Coco Chanel once said “Une Femme Sans Parfum Est Une Femme Sans Avenir”, which means, a woman without perfume is a woman without a future. 

Well, while the explanation for this may be subjective, one advance that can be drawn from this is that perfume goes beyond imparting a scent. It may take the form of shaping one’s identity, perhaps. One generality, though, is that perfumes are a wardrobe essential and part of everyday hygiene routines, much like body lotions are. 

In StarInsight report, we took a look at perfume stores in Cape Town to investigate the market. During this study, we observed that most registered perfume stores on Google in Cape Town sell generic perfumes. Generic perfumes provide an affordable alternative to designer perfumes priced 12 times more than their generic counterparts, i.e. $82 vs $7. 

We sorted Cape Town perfume stores based on their reviews and ratings on Google. Our findings as of 21 October 2022 were as follows:

Best Rated Perfume Stores in Cape Town, South Africa



Number of reviews 

Top Fragrances 5.0 22
The Perfume Garden (N1 City Mall) 5.0 2
Perfumes for Africa 5.0 11
Motala Perfumes Cape Town 5.0 3
Wick Fragrances 5.0 1
Bliss Perfumes 5.0 11
Simply Perfumes 5.0 7
Arthur Ford (Bellville) 5.0 3
Fragrance Boutique 5.0 3
The French Parfumerie 5.0 4

Most Reviewed Perfume Stores in Cape Town, South Africa


Number of reviews 


Inuka Fragrances 438 4.6
MRL Private Collection 69 4.7
Youghazi Quality Oil Based Perfumes 32 4.3
TopFragrances 22 5.0
Frank & Myrrh 19 4.6
Signature Cosmetics & Fragrances 19 4.0
Sunbird Perfume 17 4.4
Wild Olive Artisans 16 4.7
Inspired Fragrance 14 4.9
Arthur Ford (Golden Acre) 12 4.3

An Analysis of Perfume Stores in Cape Town, South Africa

According to our findings, the best-rated perfume stores in Cape Town feature the top score of 5.0 stars on Google. The top achiever in this list is Top Fragrances because of their higher ranking on Google Maps. 

With respect to reviews, the most-reviewed company is Inuka Fragrances, with a mighty 438 reviews. This company is far ahead of others as other companies have much less than 100 reviews. Inuka Fragrances also possesses an incredible 4.6-star rating. These are brilliant results in terms of customer feedback, considering that reviews on Google are voluntary. 

Other companies appearing in our best-rated chart have relatively low reviews, albeit, their rating. Nonetheless, many of the stores that made it to our report are part of the top results on Google search results after entering the term “perfume stores in Cape Town”. This is thanks to the ratings and reviews the companies have received.

How Can Perfume Stores in Cape Town Collect More Customer Feedback? 

To solve this problem, eKomi offers its bright review collection software as a service. Our product manages all your authentic transaction-based reviews so that you can focus on other areas of your business. 

We gather, screen them, and avail them on your website for all your website visitors to see. This helps retain potential customers on your website, in turn, it boosts the opportunity to conclude a sale. Furthermore, your reviews are directly linked to Google Seller Ratings in order to optimise your ranking and visibility on the search engine. 

Look out for a follow-up article on this topic in the eKomi blog in three months. 

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