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Cape Town’s Best Natural Goods Stores in 2022

Natural and healthy living has risen in popularity in the last two decades as a result of people increasingly desiring to live in symbiosis with nature’s intent. This is manifested in different forms such as being eco-friendly, vegan, vegetarian, choosing natural personal care products over synthetic alternatives, and herbal medicine, to name just a few. 

Natural is intrinsically associated with safety, fewer side effects, long-term benefits, and little to no environmental impact. People that live a health-conscious life usually shop for their supplies in dedicated sections of grocery stores or at speciality retail outlets. The latter typically carries a wide range of products from food to toothpaste. 

Cape Town is well-versed in the scene of natural living. A lot of the internationally known ingredients can be procured in natural goods stores in Cape Town. Moreover, the city is also found in an important botanically diverse region of the country. 

As such, many local businesses have tapped into opportunities brought by the rich flora of the land. Renowned examples include Aloe ferox-based products. Aloe ferox is a Cape Aloe,  closely related to the more popular Aloe vera, which exhibits an array of nutritional and medicinal benefits. Aloe ferox toothpaste, skincare products, and beverages are just some examples of the many products containing Aloe ferox as an active ingredient. 

We perused Google to find the natural goods stores Cape Town offers. We found over 50 establishments, mostly branded either natural goods, organic, or health and beauty shops/stores. Furthermore, we sorted them according to their ratings and reviews. The results of 09 November 2022 were obtained as follows: 

Best Rated Natural Goods Stores in Cape Town, South Africa 

Companies Rating Number of reviews 
Isivuno Naturals 5.0 21
Anadea Health Online Health Store 5.0 22
Wild and Ancient Natural Products 5.0 1
The Organic Shop SA 5.0 3
Papyrus Natural Online Shop 5.0 10
Cocobaci 5.0 5
Comfort Zone Naturals 5.0 2
Nature’s Path 5.0 1

Most Reviewed Natural Goods Stores in Cape Town, South Africa

Companies Number of reviews  Rating 
Organic Zone Fruit and Veg 4.5 586
Faithful to Nature Muizenberg 4.4 396
NUDE FOODS 4.7 268
Wildsprout – Kenilworth 4.7 195
Mary-Ann’s Emporium & Factory Shop 4.6 176
Komati Foods 4.4 165
Wellness Warehouse Lifestyle on Kloof 4.2 138
Shop Zero™ 4.9 121
Real Food Co 4.4 101
Essentially Natural – Online Store 4.8 97

Critical Evaluation of the Findings

According to this research, the best-rated natural good stores were all found to be 5.0-star. The top companies of the chart were found as Anadea Health Online Health Store and Isivuno Naturals with 22 and 21 reviews, respectively. The rest of the companies listed have reviews between 10 and 1. These are very low numbers, and it may be high time for these businesses to raise their standards in terms of collecting reviews. 

Albeit 21 reviews is a small number, we have a special highlight for Isivuno Naturals for having 1400+ reviews on their website. This is brilliant and commendable. In this regard, eKomi would like to offer more value to Isivuno with its award-winning cutting-edge technology. 

With eKomi, you have the advantage of syndicating your authentic reviews from all your different digital platforms, including social media. This means, reviews obtained from your Google My Profile, Facebook, and Instagram, will all be in one place. Additionally, because eKomi is a Google partner, your customer feedback will tremendously boost your visibility and ranking on the search engine, positing your business apart from the competition. 

The most-reviewed stores suggested even more insightful view of the natural goods market in Cape Town. Organic Zone Fruit and Veg (4.5-star) is the top contender, with 586 reviews, followed by Faithful to Nature (4.4-star), with 396 reviews. In third place is NUDE FOODS (4.7-star) with 268 reviews, and Wildsprout – Kenilworth (4.7-star) in fourth place with 195 reviews. The rest of the companies listed have reviews between 176 and 97 reviews and 4.6 to 4.2 stars. 

In general, all the most-reviewed stores have appreciable customer feedback, and eKomi is happy to congratulate all the competitors. However, that can be greatly improved. With eKomi, your review collection lifecycle is fully taken care of, in complement to it, our software brings essential advantages to your digital marketing efforts.  

eKomi’s Contribution to Cape Town Natural Goods Stores

eKomi is here for Cape Town natural goods stores wishing to rocket their customer-generated content and leverage it to reach their business objectives. Reach new heights in your brand positioning and exponentially increase your sales revenue. Book a free consultation with us and get started now. 

Stay Tuned 

In three months’ time, we will reassess natural goods stores in Cape Town to check who has an edge over the competition. Stay connected on the eKomi blog to get your industry report. 

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