EKomi StartInsights: An Evaluation of the Car Hire Service Industry in Cape Town

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eKomi, a highly established online review platform, has introduced a new category to their business evaluation and rating forum, called StarInsights report. StarInsights report is an ongoing series on a specific sector’s market research data, assessing leading companies and businesses with a decent number of positive user ratings and reviews. Today’s article is based on research into car hire services in Cape Town, South Africa.

EKomi StartInsights: An Evaluation of Car Hire Services in Cape Town

Car hire services are extremely important in today’s world. With the rate of congestion and pollution, almost all cities of the world have a form of car hire services which provide service by transporting passengers from one place to another. This will greatly save the environment, as well as act as a source of employment for several drivers. South Africa is a great tourist destination on the world map, and car services flourish in that environment due to the number of people coming into the country daily to enjoy the wildlife and natural scenery.

EKomi rates businesses based on the quality of service and due to the fact that employees involved in the business of car hire service interact with customers face to face every day, it is paramount to rate the quality of service to determine a business’ place in the competitive industry.

An agency that is very proficient in research and trend evaluation, Ekomi has gathered a list of top-notch car hire services. Below are tables that deliver information about the top ten reviews and ratings of these services.

Name of Website Ratings
Smart Car Hire 4.9
Wiggle Car Hire 4.9
Cobra Experience  4.8
Around About Cars 4.5
Flex Club 4.1
Drive South Africa 4.1
Bluu Car Rental 4.0
Motus 3.8
Avis 3.5
Sixt 3.5

Best reviewed car hire service in Cape Town

Name of Service Reviews
Drive South Africa 511
Avis 511
Around About Cars 327
Hertz 257
Bluu Car Rental 212
Motus 167
Thrifty Car Rental 100
First Car Rental 94
Wiggle Car Hire 85
Conrad Experience  74

 Most rated car hire service in Cape Town

Ratings are one of the most important elements in the review of a company, and Ekomi has gathered the best reviews and worst-reviewed car hire services in the tables above. According to the data, Smart Car Hire and Wiggle Car Hire have the best ratings of 4.9. This is followed by Cobra Experience with a 4.8 rating, then Around About Cars with a 4.5 rating.

The results clearly place a tie between two car hire services, with both of them having 511 reviews. The services are Drive South Africa and Avis. These two services have displayed some measure quality according to customer interactions which act as a referral for the company. Next in line with 327 reviews is Around About Cars followed by Hertz car hire service with 257 reviews. While these statistics are not too poor, this report encourages car hire services to contact trustworthy agencies like ekomi to infuse a quality check into their services and note where the service is lagging behind, and what it can do to jumpstart such areas. 

EKomi congratulates the CEOs of the top three best rated and most reviewed car hire services, but expects a solid improvement, especially in the number of reviews. A company or service cannot grow without being constantly audited in terms of quality, and eKomi is willing to provide a free consultation to help each business determine where they are in terms of quality and what to do to improve. 

Ekomi will reevaluate this report in the next three months, set notifications for the blog to read the improvements or decline in quality and our judgment. 

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