Chicago’s Top Video Gaming Supplies & Accessories

Chicago’s Top Video Gaming Supplies & Accessories

Chicago’s Top Video Gaming Supplies & Accessories

From its origin, the world of video games has drastically changed. From the simple classic Super Mario, we’ve progressed to being able to play on numerous platforms to virtual reality. With technologically cutting-edge gameplay and graphics, the video gaming industry continues to thrive globally. Concurrently, video games supplies, consoles, or accessories change at the same rate as the gaming community expands and grows. As a result, numerous retailers continue to emerge to cater the vigorously growing demand. This StarInsights report, showcases the best video game retailers in Chicago based on user reviews and ratings.

A Market Overview of Gaming Industry

Video gaming has long become a mainstream entertainment option in the United States. The main segments of the video game industry include; game development , game publication, interactive platforms, media, hardware, distribution, retail (both digital and physical), arcades, and video gaming establishments. In 2027, it is anticipated that combined digital and physical video game market revenues in the US would total 75.39 billion dollars (Statista).

Every year, games try to be more realistic, and that trend will only continue as new technology and services are developed. However, for a gaming retail business, it can be challenging to keep up with the most recent game trends and services. Therefore, a business needs to implement a development strategy to stay ahead of the curve because the industry is expanding quickly.

Impact of Customer Reviews, on Video Gaming Retailers

The rise of eCommerce provides a big challenge for brick-and-mortar merchants. There are only a limited number of ways for them to compete with online buying. Although, some customers in the video gaming industry favour purchasing in a physical store, many others choose to buy most of their games online. It might seem easy to say so, but online gaming stores do not seem to pose a danger to their physical counterparts. Instead, the two seem to be able to co-exist due to the different experiences that they offer to their customers.

The truth is that, if gaming retailers (online/offline) want to remain competitive, there’s a need to increase customer involvement and enhance the overall shopping experience. According to new trends, customer experience often determines whether a customer chooses one brand over the competition. This means, the voices, opinions of customers need to be heard, and then broadcast to the right audience, improving a brand’s online and offline reputation. Reviews can, therefore, show where there is room for development as well as how satisfied customers are generally.

Most reviewed video games supplies & accessories stores

Store Reviews Ratings
Found It Electronics & Video Games 773 4.5
Game Nerdz – Mesquite 498 4.4
Retro Madness 402 4.7
Game Over Videogames 345 4.4
GameStop 247 4.4
Game X Change 217 4.1
Galactic Gamez 200 4.3
Video Game Delivery LLC 5 5.0

Top-rated video games supplies & accessories stores

Gaming Store Ratings Reviews
Video Game Delivery LLC 5.0 5
Retro Madness 4.7 402
Found It Electronics & Video Games 4.5 773
Game Nerdz – Mesquite 4.4 498
Game Over Videogames 4.4 345
GameStop 4.4 247
Galactic Gamez 4.3 200
Game X Change 4.1 217

These are brilliant results in terms of customer feedback, considering that reviews on Google are voluntary. Other companies appearing in our best-rated chart have relatively low reviews, albeit, their rating. Nonetheless, many of the stores that made it to our report are part of the top results on Google search results after entering the term “Video Gaming Supplies & Accessories in Chicago”. This is thanks to the ratings and reviews the companies have received.

The most reviewed store is Found It Electronics & Video Games, with a stunning 773 reviews. Followed by Game Nerdz – Mesquite with 498 reviews and Retro Madness. In third place with 402 reviews. In terms of ratings, Video Game Delivery LLC tops the list with a perfect rating score of 5.0 stars, from 5 reviews. Second place is taken by Retro Madness, with a stable 4.7-star rating from 402 reviews. Found It Electronics & Video Games follows with a 4.5-star rating from 773 reviews. Such a result is outstanding, because having a high rating from a large sample of reviews is a desirable feature.

How Can Video Games Supplies Accessories Stores Collect More Customer Feedback?

eKomi provides its bright review collection software as a service to address this issue. To free up your time to concentrate on other aspects of your business, our solution maintains all of your real transaction-based reviews.

We collect, examine them, and make them available on your website for viewing by all of your website visitors. This increases the chance of making a sale by keeping potential clients on your website longer. To improve your performance and exposure on the search engine, your reviews are also directly linked to Google Seller Ratings. Implementing eKomi’s services will yield quick results for video game merchants. Expanding on its Gold Trusted Service rating and aiming to further strengthen brand reputation and customer experience. Request a free consultation to get more information.

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