eKomi Inspiring Fresh Thinking with 2023 Consumer and eCommerce Trends

eKomi Inspiring Fresh Thinking with 2023 Consumer and eCommerce Trends

eKomi Inspiring Fresh Thinking with 2023 Consumer and eCommerce Trends

eKomi is designed with global business and customers in mind. On the one hand, we are aware of how difficult it may be to determine which companies to patronise when parting with your hard-earned money. At the same time, making sure businesses can provide the same high standard of service, no matter where they are located. For this unified reason, we make it our goal to assist in conducting research and updating you on the latest trends through our eKomi StarInsights Reports

As we face the new year 2023, what will happen to retail/e-commerce? In what ways will consumer habits alter? How can business owners maintain their lead?

Looking Back (A Brief Industry Overview)

The retail sector had placed its expectations on 2022 being a return to something resembling normal routine after the pandemic-driven disruption of 2020 and 2021. But in addition to the problems caused by the epidemic, new ones have emerged due to an insecure geopolitical climate and dramatic increases in living expenses.

Food and commodity prices skyrocketed in 2022 due to heightened global instability and uncertainty, a worldwide energy crisis, and fuel shortages. All of this has caused inflationary pressures that have never before been felt by consumers worldwide. 

The development of the e-commerce industry and its tendencies internationally have been significantly impacted by these global megashifts. The IMF predicted inflation and uncertainty. As such, with high levels of inflation set to continue now, consumers and businesses alike, across the globe will feel the pinch. 

How eKomi Will Aid Retailers (offline/online)

Paying close attention to important market trends that are influencing how consumers will buy, shop, and interact is highly significant. The retail industry is on a never-ending quest to get the right products to consumers when, where, and how they want them.

The main goal of any business is to provide customers with services that improve their quality of life. It’s also the reason businesses invest millions of monetary sums in research, just to ensure their products and services meet the exact needs of their customers.

The eKomi team has exciting news! For the 15th year in a row, eKomi has been recognized as a leading customer feedback company that offers a unique platform where consumers communicate their verifiable experiences to one another. 

With the changing nature of retail business, owners can obtain insight into the customer experience by persistently posing the appropriate question to the right person at the right time, hence highlighting patterns, needs, and potential action points.

When it comes to market share, Customer Experience (CX) software is the major determinant of who wins or loses. Learn what your competitors already know: eKomi will alter your business as we continue to expand our product offerings to give you the reliable, customer feedback software that drives your e-commerce strategy in line with 2023 retail trends.

Discover the potential of an eKomi collaboration by joining  the hundreds of retailers who use our software to enhance CX, and ultimately increase revenue.

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