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eKomi launches StarInsights™ for Online Travel Booking Agencies

(Berlin) eKomi the largest provider of user-validated ratings and reviews, has today launched StarInsights™ 07042017, a study based on Google shopping seller ratings and reviews about the MOST REVIEWED as well as the BEST RATED online travel agencies in Europe and USA.

Travel has always been about the experience – and that helps explain the huge amount of time spent on research prior to travel. Until recent years, there were limited options for travelers looking accommodation and transportation to interesting destinations in great detail. The online travel booking landscape is completely different nowadays.

Let’s assume that you are an online travel booking agent and you have so far created a user-friendly, responsive website, that gives your customers a positive online experience, making the booking process as easy as possible. Well done there! Now, how can you differentiate yourself from your competitors and prove it with figures?

Customer ratings and reviews, especially when integrated into Google search results, motivate users (and potential customers) to visit a company’s website.They are a crucial element in driving overall website traffic, thereby increasing revenue generating activities from visitors.

eKomi’s StarInsights™ study (#07042017)  focuses on the MOST REVIEWED Online Travel Booking Agencies using aggregated Google Shopping Seller Reviews and Ratings from the past 12 months:

So, which are the “TOP 5” Reviewed Online Travel Booking Agencies?

Expedia is top of the line with a total of 256.524 reviews on Google Seller Ratings  and an average star rating of 4,3;  it is currently the most reviewed Online Travel Booking Agency! Travelocity  is not far behind the best since it follows in second position with almost half; a total of 156.665 reviews and an average star rating of 4,3. In the third position we found Orbitz with a total of 101.149 reviews. Up there with these industry dominating companies, we spotted Booking which received 40.375 reviews.  Number #5 of the top five list is reserved for Cheaptickets with a total of 22.986 reviews.

eKomi StarInsights™ 07042017 study continues with the online travel booking agencies that might not have reached the top 5 most reviewed positions, but have still received considerate number of reviews within the last 12 months.

Based on the same study, we listed below the TOP #5  Rated online travel booking agencies  across Google Shopping Seller in the last 12 months.

In our list of the 5 BEST RATED companies, Tripadvisor received the best #1 score with an Average of 4.9 Star Rating although the company has no active reviews in Google ‘s Seller Reviews. Second best #2 rated company based on our StarInsights™ Study is Viator with an Average of 4.7 Star Rating.

Slightly afterwards  third and forth position are shared in between #3 Flight Centre (which receives a significant larger amount of reviews) and #4 Momondo; both receiving an Average of 4.6 in Star Rating. Slightly afterwards in position #5 we got one of the best rated online booking agencies Booking that scored an Average of 4.5.

Our study continues with a focus on some agencies that have not activated their seller reviews but instead have they received an average star rating  across Google Shopping Seller in the last 12 months :

If one of these portals choose to introduce reviews to their websites, they could potentially grow their market share significantly at the expense of the other, just by moving up their Google ranking,” commented Michael Ambros, eKomi Founder and CEO.

Our study also indicates some popular online travel booking agencies that still have not received any reviews or ratings since they have not activated their Google Shopping Seller accounts.

Let’s see how the online travel booking agencies will rank in a couple of months, in our vol. 2  of StarInsights™ (#07042017) Study.

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