eKomi Releases StarInsights™ Study for Online Watch Stores

Most Reviewed and Best-Rated Online Watch Shops

BERLIN, August 9, 2017 – eKomi, the world’s largest provider of user-validated ratings and reviews, has just released its StarInsights™  (Ref.#21072017) study. This study is about online watches and timepieces stores.

The analysis reveals the Most Reviewed and the Best-Rated online stores in Europe and the US. In order to find out which are the TOP watch resellers , eKomi analysts collected data using related keywords for those domain names that appear in prime positions in Google search.

The watch industry market overview: from brick to click.

Nowadays a great number of watches are being produced and consumers around the world are more knowledgeable and interested in purchasing good watches than ever before. Ariel Adams a luxury watch expert states in a Forbes article that despite the “shrinking luxury watch market” there is some compelling evidence of strong consumer interest and high demand for timepieces in the online watch retail industry. He also acknowledges that most sales are driven by watch retailers through Online transactions.

Online watch stores became an important channel of sales, since the traditional brick and mortar shops, seem unable to compete for the variety of options and price ranges found on the web. Keeping that in mind, eKomi analysts decide to search and present underneath those Online stores that have received the most Reviews by past customers and the best Star Ratings.

The Most Reviewed Online Watch and Timepiece Marketplaces

Most Reviewed e-Shops for Watches
Most Reviewed e-Shops for Watches

Watch Shop is on the top of the list and is currently the most reviewed watch marketplace gathering the impressive number of 40.295 active reviews through Google Shopping Seller. World of Watches follows on second best position with less than 1/3 reviews from the best and a total of 12.765.

Uhr Center occupies position number three with 6.541 reviews almost way from the second most reviewed watch marketplace. In position number four stands the Watches 2U with 4.568 active reviews. Up there, with these TOP Online stores for watch lovers in position number five is Uhr Zeit with 2.052 active reviews up to date.

Underneath you may check the list for the TOP marketplaces receiving the best ratings Online. For those who decided to activate their online reviews and star ratings, it seems that their customers rewarded them, by positive feedbacks, since for the first time on the list of Best Rated online stores in StarInsights, there was not only a perfect five out of five Star Rating, but also, for five other online watch resellers a joint second position!

 StarInsights™ List of The Best Rated Online Watch Marketplaces :

Best Rated e-Shops for Watches
Best Rated e-Shops for Watches

Serious Watches receives an absolutely perfect 5 out of 5 Star Rating and the TOP position on this StarInsightsstudy.  Excellent quality, customer services, competitive pricing and delivery times,  among others, lead to happy customers that would be really keen on leaving a positive review.

Joint second position with an almost perfect 4.9 out of 5 Star Rating for Uhr Zeit, Watch Papst, Chronext, Chrono 24 and Watch Master .

The Importance of Ratings and Reviews

Customer feedback is extremely important for companies as positive assessments have a strong impact on the purchasing behavior of new and existing customers. A survey made by the specialist BrightLocal shows that 75% of consumers state that when reading positive reviews online, they trust the business more. Reviews that are included in the Google search results help increase users’ click-throughs and bring more visitors to the company’s website. The purchase volume and the volume of transactions are also increasing.

The Complete List of Online Watch Retail Marketplaces

eKomi team of analysts disclose the complete list of online watch resellers in this StarInsights study. They are presented underneath based on the number of reviews collected and publicly released in Google Shopping Seller:

Under the same study, eKomi analysts found out that high-end watch brands like Pinion Watches, improve their customer services and receive positive feedback after activating online reviews and rating tools with a 4.8 out of 5 star rating. The power of reviews is very strong and even those brands with limited online transactions, can proliferate from better SEO, boosted sales and better conversion rates.

This study continues with those companies that have not started to collect reviews and ratings yet, or possibly have not managed to activate their public reviews in Google Shopping Seller.

  • Ciberwatch.es – Neither Seller Rating nor Active Seller Reviews to date
  • Todo-relojes.com – Neither Seller Rating nor Active Seller Reviews to date
  • Bratleboro.com – Neither Seller Rating nor Active Seller Reviews to date
  • Astonrouge.com – Neither Seller Rating nor Active Seller Reviews to date
  • Classic-watch.de – Neither Seller Rating nor Active Seller Reviews to date
  • Watchexclusive.eu – Neither Seller Rating nor Active Seller Reviews to date
  • Makelos.de – Neither Seller Rating nor Active Seller Reviews to date
  • Uhrencenterberlin.de – Neither Seller Rating nor Active Seller Reviews to date
  • Ancienne.es – Neither Seller Rating nor Active Seller Reviews to date
  • Orologi-militari.it – Neither Seller Rating nor Active Seller Reviews to date
  • Tfstore.it – Neither Seller Rating nor Active Seller Reviews to date
  • Creationwatches.com– Neither Seller Rating nor Active Seller Reviews to date

If one of these portals choose to introduce an Online Feedback system, and start collecting reviews and ratings for their websites, they could potentially grow their market share significantly at the expense of the other, just by moving up their Google ranking,” commented Michael Ambros, eKomi Founder and CEO.

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