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eKomi StarInsights for Online Loan Companies

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The most reviewed and the best-rated Online Loan Companies. 

BERLIN, September 1, 2017 – eKomi, the largest provider of user-validated ratings and reviews, launched today StarInsights™ study (Ref.#23082017), about Online Loan Companies,  based on publicly released ratings and reviews in Google Shopping Seller. This study focused mainly on the UK, US, Spain, and France.

Online personal loans or peer-to-peer loans have become popular in the recent years.  The cost of living has grown high and so people find an alternative solution for cash instead of the traditional banking institution. By when you go online looking for a trusted loan company, which is the most important factor you pay attention to? Being trustworthy!

Reviews and Ratings can help online loan companies to empower their online trust, by sharing past customer feedbacks. Happy customers, always bring more customers, and the word-of-mouth effect spreads the good news for those who deserve it.

So, which are the loan companies that have so far gained their customer trust and have received the most reviews and the best rating online?

The Most Reviewed Loan Companies

Most Reviewed Loan Companies

Money Supermarket is top of the line since it managed to collect the most reviews of all and a total number of 14.411 reviews up to date on Google Seller Ratings. Net Pay Advance follows in second best position with almost 1/3 fewer reviews and a total number of 5.360 reviews up to date.

Position number three belongs to Money Man that collected 3.908 reviews, slightly ahead of Kredito 24 that managed to get 3.246 active reviews in Google shopping seller! Last but not least, up there together with these dominating online loan companies is Mr.Lender with 2.536 reviews up to date.

The StarInsights study continues by ranking the TOP 5 Online Loan Companies that managed to get the Best Star Rating and are presented hereby:

On the top of our StarInsights list for the Best-Rated Loan Companies, we spotted Net Pay Advance and Mr.Lender with an almost perfect 4.9 out of 5 Star Rating in a joint first position!A joint third position is also shared between Sunny and Fast Track Debt Relief with a 4.8 out of 5 Star Rating.

Last but not least, with these dominating top positions, Money Man receives a 4.7 out of 5 Star Rating. The Spanish Vivus, the British Money and the French loan company Credit Gagnant,  share position number 5 with the same Star Rating, but also fewer reviews.

Underneath, we present you the complete list of Loan Companies that have received reviews and star ratings in the last 12 months and have released them in public in Google Shopping Seller.

Renowned digital-marketing experts agree on the following: Companies that use customer and product evaluations for marketing campaigns, e-commerce transactions, and social recommendations achieve higher visibility and more online sales. “61% of consumers read customer reviews before making a purchase decision. That is why they are essential” says Graham Carlton, Chief Editor of Econsultancy.

Loan Companies that have not activated or not released yet their reviews in Google.

All companies listed below are found and then chosen to be part of this StarInsights™  list based on their ranking when searching organically in Google. This leaves a great potential for improving their Google rank and conversion rates when a review and rating-seller system are activated. Till now, and for the last 12 months, these companies have not activated neither yet released their reviews and rating in Google shopping seller.Companies that have not activated yet their Online reviews or Star Rating.

If one of these portals choose to introduce reviews to their websites, they could potentially grow their market share significantly at the expense of the other, just by moving up their Google ranking,” commented Michael Ambros, eKomi Founder and CEO.

Here is the complete list:


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