eKomi’s Dental Health Tips to Keep You Smiling in 2023

eKomi’s Dental Health Tips to Keep You Smiling in 2023

eKomi’s Dental Health Tips to Keep You Smiling in 2023

eKomi has published numerous StarInsights reports on the best dental care practitioners in different parts of the world. As such, we’ve learned that getting regular dental checkups is important for healthy teeth and smiles. However, when it comes to taking care of your teeth, prevention is always better than cure. In this article, we’ve lined up a few tips to help you learn about why taking care of your teeth is so important, and what you should be doing every day to keep your smile healthy and bright.

Understanding Dental Health

When it comes to good oral hygiene, what you do today determines how healthy your teeth and gums will be tomorrow. As the year comes to an end, good oral health now can prevent a range of health complications in the future. Here’s what you need to know:

A Plaque

On our teeth, a thin film of bacteria called plaque is constantly forming. When you consume food or liquids, the bacteria in plaque produce acid that can erode your teeth’s enamel and cause cavities or tooth decay. Tartar can form from plaque if it isn’t removed by a professional quickly enough. Plaque can also cause an infection of the gums and tissues supporting the teeth called gum disease.

Gum Disease

An infection, soreness, or swelling of the gum tissue is referred to as gum disease. Gingivitis and periodontal disease are the two main types of gum disease.(Oral Health Report). When plaque and food scraps get lodged in the tiny space between the gum and the teeth, gingivitis can form. The tissue below the gum line may become infected and develop gingivitis, which manifests as gum inflammation, soreness, and bleeding.

How Cavities Work

Small holes or openings may form in the tooth itself when the plaque bacteria’s acid eats into the tooth surface. Through these cracks, bacteria get inside the tooth and start an infection that can either kill the tooth’s nerves or painfully expose them. If left untreated, this can develop into a condition that requires a root canal or tooth extraction to remove.

Oral Health impacts Overall Health

A growing body of evidence points to a possible connection between oral and general health. Studies have linked periodontal disease to health conditions such as endocarditis (inflammation of the inner lining of the heart), cardiovascular disease such as heart attack and stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, an increased risk of pancreatic cancer and more. (Robert H. Shmerling: 2021)

eKomi’s Recommendations

Good oral hygiene is the only way to prevent cavities and gum disease. Here’s what you should be doing every day to future-proof your smile for 2023 and beyond:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes
  • Floss daily
  • Use a mouthwash to remove any remaining food particles and plaque
  • Choose a toothpaste which contains fluoride to strengthen the enamel layer
  • Limit starchy and sugary foods in your diet
  • Visit your dentist for regular check-ups
  • Visit your oral hygienist for teeth cleaning at least twice a year

Summing up, most dental care practitioners offer numerous preventative dentistry benefits. It is a fact that a solid patient-dentist relationship, which may include your children, spouse, and other family members, lasts for several generations and is based on security and trust. Likewise, dentists can benefit from eKomi’s improved feedback and ratings. Several businesses, including dentists, have seen an increase in revenue as a result of eKomi’s excellent evaluations and good search engine rankings for their services.

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