eKomi’s Top 3 Tips to Help Businesses Prepare for the Future New Year 2023

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eKomi’s Top 3 Tips to Help Businesses Prepare for the Future New Year 2023

We will soon be moving from busy holiday activities to an optimistic new year full of opportunities. Whether you want a fresh start in your personal life or your business plans, this is your chance to succeed. And the two are closely entwined for many brand owners.

The top priority for a successful year should be future-proofing for your company, especially in uncertain economic times. Minimal efforts won’t be sufficient to keep the lights on, so you must rise to every challenge if setbacks are to be avoided. Keep your spirits high by following the advice from eKomi listed in this article to strengthen your brand and achieve your New Year’s resolutions.

  • Tip 1: Prioritise Customer Experience

In view of the fact that customer expectations are constantly changing, it’s essential to monitor these trends as they change and develop. Businesses that are prepared to change course and adapt to current demands are more likely to prosper in the coming year.

Think about the client experience. Somebody out there is looking for a solution to a problem. Do they find your company as a result of their search? If so, is it simple to use, communicate with, and make a purchase? Potential customers can easily transition from interest to purchase thanks to an outstanding customer experience.

Additionally, you should refrain from making the costly error of believing that the journey is complete as soon as your customer crosses the finish line. By continuing to provide an exceptional customer experience, build long-lasting relationships with devoted customers. This will not only bring in repeat business but also lucrative referrals thanks to online reviews from pleased customers.

  • Tip2: Flexible Payment Options

Since the pandemic started in 2020, the demand for flexible payment options has exploded, and several reports forecast that this trend will continue in the coming year. Because of this, businesses shouldn’t undervalue the value of providing a wide range of payment options that make it simple for every customer to commit to purchases.

According to a survey by Global Payments, 53% of retailers intended to increase the number of payment options in 2022. Younger generations are especially eager to adopt practical payment methods that fit their digital way of life. The big question is, are you supplying this demand or avoiding making sales?

Then, how can you increase payment flexibility in 2023: eKomi recommends businesses to give their customers a choice that allows them to select the option that best suits their financial situation, which is advantageous for both. A good example is a plan for Buy Now, and Pay Later with manageable instalment payments, QR code payments, or personalised links, etc.

  • Tip3: Invest in Customer Feedback Channels

One-way communication is never effective communication. Whether customers have inquiries before making a purchase or feedback regarding their experience, they always want to contact you. Shutting them down or making it more difficult for them to get what they need won’t win you any points and might even make them stop buying from you.

As a result, customers value companies that value them, and this is something that doesn’t change year after year. Therefore, by paying attention to what each person has to say, even when it’s difficult to hear the truth, you can demonstrate your dedication to customer satisfaction. Asking for feedback through surveys and reviews is a good way to get useful insight. These responses will highlight the areas with customers where you are succeeding and failing. 

Generally, customers anticipate brands responding to their queries within 24 hours. Thus, your customers will know you care if you follow up on time. Then, as a powerful marketing tactic known as customer feedback, use the knowledge you’ve gained to enhance your business procedures. The lesson to be drawn from this is that the needs of the customer should always come first. Consider using eKomi to get first-rate, individualised reputation management services. 


In light of this, it is imperative that you not only seek to enhance customer service but also to go above and beyond what is expected of you. eKomi is available to assist businesses in achieving their objectives in the coming year and beyond. Request a free consultation today.

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