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Event Planners in Chicago, Illinois, United States 2022

Planning an event entails an overwhelming list of aspects to attend such as the invitation, food, venue, entertainment, etc. From the guest list to the budget and full timeline of events, it gets quickly overpowering, and not many people can handle such a high level of organisation and coordination. To help avoid stress and headaches, professional event planners are used for the full management of functions. 

Event managers are in charge of making sure that events such as conventions, conferences, and festivals go smoothly. They are often hired by businesses to help with corporate events. Hiring an event manager can alleviate pressure from the event launchers, who can then focus on other sides of the event. An experienced event manager will already have a network of trustworthy vendors that they work with regularly to deploy services needed for events.

Event planners have a lot to deal with, and some qualities are desirable before hiring one. They not only have to be organised and detail-oriented, but also good at communicating with different types of people. They need to be able to negotiate contracts, plan budgets, and find creative solutions to problems. Plus, they need to be able to handle last-minute changes and unexpected challenges.

Event Planners in Chicago, Illinois 

Chicago is a big city with all the amenities in the modern world. It is a cosmopolitan city and the third-largest city in the United States. If one is searching for the top event planners near Chicago without prior knowledge or experience, Google is undeniably the top engine to search through. Past testimonials as well as other factors based on personal preference will help decide which company to go ahead with.

We decided to browse through Google Maps to find the most raved-about event planners that Chicago houses as of 02 November 2022. We found 200+ operating in the city and segregated them into two tables in terms of reviews and ratings as follows: 

Best Rated Event Planners in Chicago

Companies Rating Number of reviews 
Lola Event Productions LLC 5.0 158
Naturally Yours Events 5.0 42
Urban Allure Events 5.0 47
Fierce Productions 5.0 42
Big City Bride 5.0 106
Sweetchic Events, Inc. 5.0 53
The Simply Elegant Group  5.0 74
Chicago Vintage Weddings 5.0 67
YJDecorating 5.0 50
Details Chicago 5.0 27

Most Reviewed Event Planners in Chicago

Companies Number of reviews  Rating 
Lola Event Productions LLC 158 5.0
Events & Adventures Chicago 136 3.8
Big City Bride 106 5.0
Food For Thought 85 4.6
Kehoe Designs 68 4.6
Chicago Vintage Weddings 67 5.0
Chicago Dine-Around 58 4.9
Sweetchic Events, Inc. 53 5.0
YJDecorating 56 5.0
Art of Imagination 48 4.7

eKomi Comments on the Findings

The best-rated are all 5.0-star rated and have quite an appreciable customer feedback. The highlights of this first are Lola Event Productions LLC and Big City Bride with 158 and 106 reviews, respectively. Well done to these two companies for standing out of the crowd with over 100 reviews. 

The most-reviewed event planner in Chicago was found to be Lola Event Productions LLC, with 158 reviews next to its outstanding 5.0-star. This is a very brilliant star-rating aggregate. The runner-up is Events & Adventures Chicago with 136 reviews, however, a lower rating of 3.8-star. 

On the same chart, Big City Bride follows with 106 reviews and a 5.0-star rating, what a satisfactory achievement. The rest of the companies have between 85 ad 48 reviews and 5.0 and 4.6 stars. The star ratings are great, but the review count can be improved. 

Conclusion and Recommendations

Overall, as per our research, Chicago event planners have some decent customer feedback. However, they barely embed their customer-written reviews into their website. That is a missed opportunity that brings even more value to customer retention on their digital outlets. 

Therefore, eKomi would like to introduce its proprietary solution that entirely streamlines the review collection process, letting you focus on other areas of your business growth. With full integration to Google Seller Ratings, the more you collect reviews, the higher your website’s visibility and ranking. This means hello to search traffic and greater conversion rates. 

Book a free consultation with us to learn more about eKomi, The Feedback Company. 

Stay Tuned

In three months, we will review the best event planners in Chicago to see which leads the charts. Stay tuned to the eKomi blog to see if your business gets recognition. 

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