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Exploring Debt Collection Agencies in Gauteng, South Africa 

Have you tried short-listing a Debt Collection Agency based on their online reviews or rating? According to Inc.com, 90% of consumers examine online reviews before making a purchase choice. However, a single negative review might negate the value of 40 positive customer experiences. These online review systems are effective for restaurants or online stores, but they are ineffective for the debt collection sector. This StarInsights report explores the debt collection agencies in Gauteng, South Africa (SA) based on user reviews and ratings.

An Overview of Debt Collectors

Post-Covid 19, finances have been difficult for both individuals and businesses worldwide. The SA economy has not been spared from the negative consequences, as evidenced by a severe reduction in the production and consumption of products and services.

As a result, it is unsurprising that monetary obligations between contracting parties (whether by formal or informal agreement) have fallen victim to default, dishonour, and disagreement, resulting in a greater demand for debt collection aid and advice.

With that in mind, following your debtor may be exhausting and time-consuming. Furthermore, some debtors seem distant and therefore create anguish. That is why debt collection agencies exist to assist. Their job is to follow up on debts and ensure you get what you are owed.

With over hundreds of collection agencies in SA, selecting the proper one might be difficult. However, evaluating a collection agency’s reputation is one of the most important steps in choosing a collections’ agency. 

Generally, one can’t expect companies to have a perfect reputation, because there are many variables in the industry. We are not saying that there is no way to gauge a collection agency, but due to the nature of the job they perform, they simply cannot be evaluated by public reviews.

Most negative reviews are left by debtors, who hate debt collectors anyway. That is because the Collection Agency recovered some money from them, which they were not planning to pay. Therefore, working with review collection agencies like eKomi, guarantees authentic reviews through a series of systematic solutions. We completed a detailed review of top debt collection agencies in Gauteng, using Google Maps. With no further ado, let’s delve into the statistics.

Top-rated debt collection agencies



Number of Reviews

MC Van Dyk & Associates 4.6 16
NN Legal Recoveries 4.3 6
Network Debt Recovery (Pty) Ltd 3.1 19
Triangle Debt Collectors CC 3.0 2
National Debt Connection (Pty) Ltd 1.8 8
Alpha Collections 1.0 10
LWM Debt Recovery 1.0 1


Most reviewed debt collection agencies


Number of Reviews


Network Debt Recovery (Pty) Ltd 19 3.1
MC Van Dyk & Associates 16 4.6
Alpha Collections 10 1.0
National Debt Connection (Pty) Ltd 8 1.8
NN Legal Recoveries 6 4.3
Triangle Debt Collectors CC 2 3.0
LWM Debt Recovery 1 1.0

The top-rated debt collection agency in Gauteng is MC Van Dyk & Associates with 4.6stars, complimented for their recovery rates, product offerings, adherence to the debt collection laws and the experience of their management and staff. NN Legal Recoveries are ranked second with a 4.3star rating, and Network Debt Recovery (Pty) Ltd is third with a 3.1-star rating. In terms of reviews, CREDIT INTEL boosts with 62 reviews, followed by Network Debt Recovery (Pty) Ltd with 19 reviews, and in third place is MC Van Dyk & Associates’ 16 reviews. 

Congratulations, to the CEOs of the top three companies in both categories, for dependably making quality assistance that results in positive audits. On the other hand, it can be noted that most companies in this industry have disappointing ratings and reviews.  For instance, it is quite possible that a Collection Agency with horrible ratings on Google could indeed be the best one since it recovered so much money, it landed up annoying too many people.

Regardless, we request that all debt collection services work with overview organizations like eKomi to improve their online presence and reputation. eKomi posits a structure that allows debt collection agencies to also rank top among the debt collection service providers through reviews. You can contact us to schedule a free consultation to help a business grow in customers and size. These reviews will allow you to show up easily for search results, including debt collectors.

The most effective Debt Collection Companies in SA

Although there are many options available, it should also be kept in mind that debt recovery can be very tedious and tasking a lot of times. Therefore, it’s advisable that you employ the services of certified debt collectors that will handle everything for you instead of resorting to other means that might pose a threat or problem to you in the long run.

Set reminders to read the evolution of the debt collection agencies in Gauteng, SA after another assessment by eKomi.

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