An Interview with ClickCease: A highly effective solution to protect online advertisers from click fraud.

Ilan Missulawin ClickCease

At eKomi we specialize in providing Ratings & Reviews software to enable customer feedback, market research and enhanced performance in PPC campaigns through the activation of Seller Rating and Product Rating stars on Google, Bing & Yahoo. However, in addition to our love of Reviews, we are passionate believers in the power of eCommerce and online business. As proud members of the online community, we encounter many interesting businesses that have great insight and knowledge to share. We decided it is a good idea to include some experiences from the cool and insightful people that we meet so we will begin periodically featuring short interviews with industry leaders and innovators on our blog.

We often hear talk of ‘Click Fraud’ and how businesses can potentially lose substantial sums of money through bad actors repeatedly clicking to use up their daily PPC budget. But how big is this problem, and is it possible to monitor or fight back? Today we are going to hear from Ilan Missulawin who is the founder and CMO of ClickCease who has developed an affordable and highly effective solution to protect online advertisers from click fraud.

eKomi: What is click fraud exactly?

Ilan: Click fraud is when your competitor, or a click farm, or bot click on your ads with the malicious intent of draining your advertising budget. Once your advertising budget is drained for the day, your ads will no longer show up, this is a method competitors use to steal business. For example, one of our customers is a plumber who advertises on AdWords. Every day his advertising budget was being drained. On the verge of giving up on advertising on AdWords completely, he decided to sign up for the ClickCease Standard Plan, which includes automatic fraudulent IP blocking. “Within minutes IPs were being blocked and that week the calls started flooding in.” It turned out that his competitor was clicking on his ads repeatedly, which is a common problem a lot of our customers sadly face. After implementing ClickCease into his AdWords account he saw his business grow right before his eyes in a matter of days. Keywords are very expensive these days so the cost per click can really take a toll on your ROI so it’s not more important than ever to protect your AdWords account.

eKomi: Why do site owners sign up to your service?

Ilan: Most site owners today are using AdWords to drive relevant traffic to their site.  Usually, advertisers sign up to our service because they have noticed that their advertising budget(s) have been drained but there has been no increase in conversions, sales, calls, or anything. Fed up with these results, advertisers sign up to ClickCease service in order protect their campaigns and ensure only real potential customers are clicking on their ads.

eKomi: What are the types of changes they see when they sign up?

Ilan: The types of changes they see after sign up are an increase in conversions, sales, and calls. Now that only real potential customers are seeing your ads, there will be more genuine traffic to your site. They see their advertisement not being drained every day and if they do it’s because of a spike in business. Our service results in improving their ROI because now their investment is fully protected.

eKomi: How easy is it to set up?

Ilan: No tech background required for our quick and easy setup. After signing up there are only two main actions to set up then you are good to go. The steps are outlined on our website and our customer support is available on chat 24/7 to walk you through the entire process so that it is as easy and painless as possible.

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  1. Ohh yes… There is a big problem in google’s fraud detection algorithm. Once I was trying to get a refund from their support team and I lost so much time. After a lot of searching I found this service to block adwords fraud they doing job nice.

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