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This review by eKomi is an analysis of software developers in Germany. This review outlines the activities and impact of the software pro in today’s tech-driven world. It shows the top companies in the industry in Germany and how they have managed to remain at the top of their profession over time without losing their importance in the larger tech community. This review also consists of software development companies, not only private software developers.

Industry Overview

Software developers are a major backbone of the thriving tech world and its user, which include doctors in hospitals and teenagers watching Netflix every other night. They ensure that our social media apps, car-hailing apps, and even soccer livestream mediums are in perfect working conditions before they are released into the market. You would wonder how crazy life will be if you were to write a page of code before you can instruct Alexa to turn on the lights.

These developers are an integral part of society’s economic structure. If they are removed, then the world might as well return to the Ice Age. However, despite the endless nights that these companies spend to bring comfort and joy to the homes and lives of many, their skills are not seen enough. And the reason is not far-fetched!

So it is important that those companies are supported, and their service promoted and regulated where need be. Reviews play a major part in keeping companies accountable. Reviews actually make returns for both the business and the customers. The business gets to have more customers. And the customers also get the satisfaction from another person to enjoy the good service they had used. These reviews are an effective way of showing how vital the input software developers make in daily tech life is.

eKomi’s Review 

Our StarInsights Report is purely based on official Google ratings and reviews. For analysis purposes, we have picked the top software developers in Germany. That said, let’s delve into the statistics.

eKomi: Best-rated software developers in Germany

Software Developers



CodeControl 5.0 29
devbite – Websites, Shops & Apps 5.0 25
The Lean Startup 5.0 21
Adastra GmbH 5.0 11
Dewango GmbH 5.0 7
AUSY Technologies Germany AG 5.0 6
AUSY Technologies Germany AG 5.0 6
Cuckoo Coding GmbH 5.0 5
TenMedia GmbH 5.0 4
Evolvice GmbH 5.0 3


eKomi: most-rated software developers in Germany

Software Developers



Thoughtworks Berlin Deutschland GmbH 43 4.4
Bosch SoftTec GmbH 35 4.6
CodeControl 29 5.0
ThoughtWorks Germany GmbH 29 4.7
devbite – Websites, Shops & Apps 25 5.0
Luxoft Berlin 24 4.8
Mobile app development 21 5.0
Zignuts Technolab – Top Web & Mobile App Development company 20 4.4
SuMth UG (Haftungsbeschränkt) 13 4.5
Adastra GmbH 11 5.0

Congratulations to the best-rated software developers on the table. They have excellently raised the bars in their industry. CodeControl’s 29 reviews and a 5.0-rating earned it the top spot on the list. Next is Devbite with the same rating but 25 reviews. The Lean Startup company comes third with a 5.0-rating too and 21 reviews. These companies are exemplars of the standards of the tech world, not only the software division.

The CEOs of these companies have done a great job of making sure that there is no stone unturned in satisfying their customer. They are committed to making apps that are designed to last and engage the users optimally. For every company, there are backlogs, of course. But these have learned to quickly douse app-related problems before they graduate into a full-blown crisis that can affect their customers. This drive toward effective service delivery had kept the CEOs as authorities in their field.


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This StarInsight report will be updated every three months. This is because companies also improve their services over time, therefore, they get more reviews from customers. As a result, when you finally get contacted by the customers you are targeting, be sure to provide premium software development services for them. This, in turn, encourages them to recommend you to other prospective customers. With this mentality, you would not just top the charts in three months, you would have secured the hearts of your customers.

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