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StarInsights Most Reviewed Meal Delivery Services in Los Angeles, California, United States

Best Meal Delivery Services in Los Angeles, CA, United States

Part of the success in life is to eat what you like…” – Mark Twain

Meal delivery services are a growing trend in the United States. These companies deliver pre-made meals that can be heated up at home or in the office. They eliminate the need to visit grocery stores and be in the kitchen to prepare food from scratch. As such, they provide convenience and save time.

There are lots of different kinds of meals available from these services. Some companies focus on specific diets such as vegan, vegetarian, kosher, paleo or gluten-free, while others offer a wide variety of dishes. Some companies also offer other food items like snacks and desserts. These prepared meals typically come in packages of three to five items, they can be mixed and matched to create complete meals.

Many people opt for a healthy meal delivery as it helps with living a healthy lifestyle. Instead of ordering in fast food, people more and more order in meals every day as they don’t have time to prepare meals. People appreciate good customer service and delicious food.

In this report, we searched Google Maps to find local food delivery services in Los Angeles, California, United States. We compared and contrasted them based on their associated reviews and star ratings of 20 October 2022 as follows:

10 Leading Meal Delivery Services in Los Angeles, California, United States

Companies Rating Number of reviews 
Simpli Nutritious 5.0 5
Farm Fresh Meals 5.0 61
Fitlicious Meal Prep Delivery 5.0 21
Guru Meals 5.0 3
Vigorous Meals & Juices 5.0 3
Power Foods Meal Prep 5.0 10
Klean LA 5.0 4
Class 1 Meals 5.0 7
80% Nutrition 5.0 5
Sharon’s Rapid Results 5.0 6

10 Most Reviewed Meal Delivery Services in Los Angeles, California, United States

Companies Number of reviews  Rating 
Fresh n’ Lean 407 4.0
Catered Fit Corp 146 4.5
sweetgreen 128 4.2
Xcellent Nutrition Meal Prep 110 4.7
sweetgreen 106 4.3
Cali Fit Meals 63 4.6
Farm Fresh Meals 61 5.0
Fitness Kitchen LA 43 4.4
Easyfit Meals 54 4.5
Sunfare 37 4.5

Best Meal Delivery Services in Los Angeles, An Analysis

We found 20+ meal delivery services in LA. All top 10 companies scored the highest rating obtainable, 5.0! However, on this chart, most companies have just a few ratings. From a review perspective, when juxtaposing both charts, we found new entries that did not appear on the top-rated companies.

Fresh n’ Lean, the top-reviewed service, has a staggering 407 reviews, compared to the top-rated services that do not nearly possess 100 reviews. Only Farm Fresh Meals is featured in both of our charts.

The Benefit of eKomi On Google Seller Ratings 

We congratulate meal delivery services in Los Angeles for achieving the top entries in our charts. In this digital day and age, reviews and ratings are some important mainstays for businesses. They are customer-generated content that catapults any business today.

Therefore, eKomi invites food delivery companies in Los Angeles to discover its proprietary software that generates reviews for every transaction you make. Not only do we collect, but we also manage them, and then release them onto your website. The published reviews get integrated into Google Seller Ratings and other main search engines.

This lifecycle will help your company make its digital imprint on the first search results page, increase its reputation, and convert more leads into buyers. Contact us today to boost your review count on Google.

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