eKomi launches StarInsights™ for Online Flower Delivery Stores

Most trusted online flower delivery shops

(Berlin) – Today, eKomi, the world’s largest provider of user-validated ratings and reviews launched a new StarInsights™ (ref #11052017) study. This study focuses on Flower delivery e-shops in UK, Germany and the United States and ranks the TOP flower e-shops based on Google aggregated review and rating system.

Online Flower Shops Industry Overview

The Online Flower Shop industry has been in bloom over the five years to 2016 based on a recently published report. The industry has experienced steady revenue growth since 2011, aided by the e-commerce market capturing significant market share from brick-and-mortar florists in recent years, as more consumers shop online.

Over the past five years, a strong increase in the number of industry operators has significantly increased internal competition. In response, industry players have upped their marketing budgets and increased their focus on superior customer service. Over the five years to 2021, similar trends that affected the industry over the previous five-year period are anticipated the continue contributing to industry growth. (Source: ibis World)

As most marketers nowadays recognize, beautifully designed, user-friendly websites, are only some of the components that drive success to an online business. Publicly released reviews are highlighted as blood and flesh since they build trust among consumers – and in the competitive world of flower delivery e-shops, high levels of trust and social proof are absolutely essential for attracting new clientele.

eKomi StarInsights™ Results for the Most Reviewed Online Flower Shops;

Best Reviews Online Delivery Flower Shops

Proflowers is on the top of the list and is currently the most reviewed Online Flower Shop with 107.617 active reviews through Google aggregated seller. The e-shop From you flowers follows on second best position with 10.739 reviews. 1800 Flowers is in top 3 position, with almost half and 59.683 reviews in total.  Not far behind in position four, there is Serenata Flowers with 44.543 reviews. Finally, within the list of top online flower delivery shops in position five stands Bunches with 27.544 reviews!

Here is the complete list of Online Delivery Flower Shops analyzed in the latest StarInsights study;

eKomi StarInsights™ Results on the Best Rated Online Flower Shops;

Top Ratings Online flower delivery shops

Surprisingly Interflora has not activated yet its online reviews in United Kingdom, although scored a high rating. Blumenfee and Flowers Buy Delivery are in joint second position with an almost perfect 4.9 Star Rating. Joint fourth for Direct 2 Florist and Bloom and Wild with a dominant 4.8 Star Rating.

Our Analysis: The Importance of Ratings and Reviews

Taking a closer look at the online flower industry in UK, Germany and the United States we realized the importance of customer ratings and reviews in the success of the business. Those companies that do not currently use customer feedback tools, potentially driving themselves to gain less credibility online.

“Customer ratings and reviews are crucial tools for driving traffic to a company’s website, and in boosting revenue – especially when they’re integrated into Google search results” stated Michael Ambros, eKomi Founder and CEO.

In fact, a recent Zendesk survey found that a stunning 88 percent of customers make their buying decisions based on online reviews by other customers.

Publicly visible customer feedback is no longer just icing on the cake – it’s become a core component in the success of every company with an online presence. What’s more, recent changes to Google’s ranking algorithms now favor user-generated content more highly than ever before. That means organizations who fail to invest in positive ratings and reviews are leaving tremendous amounts of profit on the table.

This first StarInsights™ Study (11052017) on Online Flower Industry discovered some surprising findings of the top-ranked portals in the flower online delivery. Interflora the best-rated e-shop and one of the most recognized  has not yet activated its online reviews through Google.

Most strikingly, very few of these companies have activated their Google Seller reviews – which means even a smaller online flower delivery shop that activates these reviews may quickly rise in the ranks, and claim one of those coveted top spots on the first page of Google search results.

“We’ve seen this in a wide range of other sectors and markets: the brands that activate their reviews and ratings are the ones that see the biggest boosts in referred search engine traffic.”

If one of these portals choose to introduce reviews to their websites, they could potentially grow their market share significantly at the expense of the other, just by moving up their Google ranking,” commented Michael Ambros, eKomi Founder and CEO.

Our experience in other sectors and markets has shown that brands that are able to activate reviews and ratings can see a rise in search engine referred traffic.”

On this very last part of the StarInsights™ ( ref.#11052017) study, a list of companies that have neither activated their online reviews nor have been star-rated within the last 12 months are presented:

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