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Outstanding Gin Distilling Brands in Cape Town

Outstanding Gin Distilling Brands in Cape Town, South Africa

Christmas is arguably the best time of the year in the alcohol stakes. With the festive holidays approaching, Gin is the topic of conversation right now in Cape Town. It has quite literally swept Mother City. While everyone has a favourite drink they like to sip during the holidays, it is also worthwhile to try some new brands, especially with so many distillery options available. In this article, we review the top-rated Gin distilling brands in Cape Town, that are credible, regulated, licensed, and reputable.

Industry Overview of the Gin Industry 

What began as a handful of Western Cape-based entrepreneurs experimenting with small-batch gin distillations has since developed into a fiercely competitive sector. In SA (South Africa) there are more than 50 licensed gin distilleries, with about 30 of them located in the Western Cape, but, new ones keep appearing (SA Gin Craft Awards 2022). Furthermore, the province is home to 9 300 species of fynbos vegetation with a wide range of fragrant scents and medicinal benefits, which can be used to explain the sudden explosion of gin distilleries in the area.

However, one in every 4.54 litres of alcohol sold locally is illegal, according to a recent report that was commissioned by the SA alcohol industry. Local illicit alcohol trade has now reached R20.5 billion. To date, several studies on economic losses due to illegal selling of alcohol continue to be conducted worldwide. As such, you need to be on the lookout for legit brands you ought to get this festive, as Mother city has been taken over by a craze for gin.

How to Choose A Gin 

The choice of gins today is huge. No wonder, drinkers are confused and find it difficult to choose. There are more than 50 different types of gin available across Cape Town, even in standard supermarkets and bars, and they typically come from the largest distilleries. Include small distilleries like Woodstock Gin and there are literally more local distilled gins to select from, especially when you consider the different types of gin. Smaller distilleries can compete on their sustainability policies, their stories, and, importantly, on taste and overall quality.

The most effective gin brands have a thorough understanding of their target market’s demographics, interests, likes, and dislikes, as well as the best channels to use to communicate with them. With this knowledge, successful distillers develop their products to suit the preferences of their target market, alter their brand promise, and perfect their brand voice and packaging for the best possible consumer connection.

Against this backdrop, the internet is the first place to seek the right info. Peruse online reviews and find out about the local gin distillery, product, and customer reviews: they act as social proof. Consequently, this festive, if you are in Cape Town, check out the best of local gins and be sure to snag a few bottles for souvenirs. Based on Google reviews and ratings obtained on the 7th of December 2022, here is our pick of 10 local gins to try in Cape Town. There is definitely a gin out there for everyone!

Most reviewed Local Gin Brands in Cape Town

Gin Distiller Reviews Rating Websites
HOUT BAY HARBOUR GIN DISTILLERY 112 5.0 https://www.houtbayharbourdistillery.co.za/
Deep South Distillery 53 4.8 https://www.deepsouthdistillery.co.za
Woodstock Gin Company 48 4.4 https://www.woodstockginco.co.za/
Pienaar & Son Distilling Co. 47 4.8 https://pienaarandson.co.za/
The Gin Emporium 30 4.6 https://capetowngincompany.co.za/
Hope Distillery & Tasting Room 29 4.8 https://www.hopedistillery.co.za/
New Harbour Distillery 24 4.3 https://newharbourdistillery.com/
Innocent Spirits Distillery 19 5.0 https://www.innocentspirits.com/
GINNIC G&T 6 3.7 https://ginnic.co.za/

Top-rated Local Gin Brands in Cape Town

Gin Distiller Rating Reviews Websites
HOUT BAY HARBOUR GIN DISTILLERY 5.0 112 https://www.houtbayharbourdistillery.co.za/
Innocent Spirits Distillery 5.0 19 https://www.innocentspirits.com/
Deep South Distillery 4.8 53 https://www.deepsouthdistillery.co.za
Pienaar & Son Distilling Co. 4.8 47 https://pienaarandson.co.za/
Hope Distillery & Tasting Room 4.8 29 https://www.hopedistillery.co.za/
The Gin Emporium 4.6 30 https://capetowngincompany.co.za/
Woodstock Gin Company 4.4 48 https://www.woodstockginco.co.za/
New Harbour Distillery 4.3 24 https://newharbourdistillery.com/
GINNIC G&T 3.7 6 https://ginnic.co.za/

Congratulations to the owners of the best-rated and most reviewed gin distilling companies in Cape Town, for their commendable leadership. These leaders recognise the value of positive reviews and ratings and work diligently to build customer satisfaction ratings to the highest, which is the goal of maintaining relevance in a highly competitive market. They work so that customers can have a satisfying experience, which is crucial for business success.

In summing up, eKomi recommends all alcohol fanatics to perform due-diligence through reviews to get the best treat to quench the festive thirst and strongly urges you all to enjoy responsibly!

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