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People’s Favourite Cafés in Berlin, Germany

As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?.” — Cassandra Claire

Coffee shops are great places to relax, study, work or meet new people. In Berlin, Germany, a coffee shop is a convenient place to pass time while waiting for a train at Hauptbahnhof (the central train station). In today’s StarInsights article, we are travelling to Berlin to investigate the best coffee shops as per people’s reviews on Google as of 24 October 2022.

The Ambiance in Berlin’s Coffee Shops 

Berlin is a city that is recognised for its nightlife, but it is also a city that hosts fantastic coffee shops. It has some of the best coffee shops in the world. From organic or fair-trade coffee to bakeries that brew their own blends, Berlin cafés accommodate all kinds of coffee fanatics. Some places offer fancy lattes that bear exotic names, while others serve a cup of black coffee for less than a dollar.

There is a wide range of coffee shops in Berlin, including traditional ones, hipster ones, and even ones that serve beer and wine. However, in general, there are two types of cafés in Berlin: small cafés a quick cup of coffee or tea is grabbed; and large cafés with many tables that offer a wide variety of food and drinks, for example, cake, sandwiches, salads.

If a customer were to select a café in Berlin gauging what past customers have had to say on Google, which would be the top picks? We ran a search on Google to answer this question. The top 10 coffee shops were found and presented as follows: 

Top-Rated Cafés in Berlin, Germany 



Number of reviews 

Café Libre Berlin 5.0 21
KUKUMU 5.0 16
Café & Bar im House of Music 5.0 30
Pinch 4.9 468
Kajumi 4.9 278
Town Mouse Coffee 4.9 162
Antoinette Café 4.9 54
Bonpland Coffee 4.9 77
Ketori Coffee 4.9 154
The 100 Cafe Berlin 4.9 94

Top Reviewed Cafés in Berlin, Germany


Number of reviews 


Schwarzes Cafe 4513 4.4
Café Einstein Stammhaus 3168 4.4
Café Anna Blume 2796 4.3
Father Carpenter 2636 4.5
Café Datscha Friedrichshain 2603 4.3
Spreegold Mitte 2390 3.8
Silo Coffee 2126 4.5
Berliner Kaffeerösterei Uhlandstraße 1912 4.5
Distrikt coffee 1826 4.4
Bonanza Coffee Roasters 1743 4.3

The eKomi Insider’s Commentary 

From face value, the difference on the volume of customer feedback between the top-rated and the most reviewed cafés is blatant. While the most reviewed café in Berlin has reviews up to 4500, the 5.0-star rated cafés have numbers between 21 and 468. The discrepancy is significantly large. eKomi extends its applause to these incredible entries. 

Most of the cafés featured in our “most reviewed” table are among the top results when a user searches for cafés in Berlin. This means that these establishments have a higher of attracting customers because it is not common for users to scroll until the last results page to make a decision. 

Reviews may not be the only elements that contribute to business success. But, they strongly portray, somehow subconsciously, the image and worth of your service/products in the customer’s mind. Consequently, reviews and ratings greatly affect customers’ decisions.  Therefore, they are valuable business tools to leverage to attract the new public and retain your existing customer base. Customer feedback is equally useful to make improvements to your business. 

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