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Popular Cannabis Shops in Paris, France 

Cannabis and its derived compounds have gained mass popularity over recent years, both in scientific research and the layman’s press. With the advent of healthy living, and the desire to shun synthetic products for more natural and safer alternatives, the cannabis hype has made headlines as one of the most sought-after herbal products. 

In most developed and developing countries, cannabis stores are commonplace, they sell either fully cannabis products or partially along with other herbal or organic supplies. For this article, we took a tour of Paris in France to find the most popular cannabis stores. 

The Health Properties of Cannabis 

In the past, cannabis was primarily used for its medicinal properties. The earliest recorded uses date from the 3rd millennium BC. Since then, it has been used as an analgesic, an anti-inflammatory, a sleeping aid and an anticonvulsant. Its use as a medicinal plant was documented in ancient China and Egypt. Today, cannabis and its extracts are used for a wide range of purposes. 

In cannabis stores, many customers seek cannabidiol (CBD) products. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that does not cause the high associated with marijuana. It is considered to be the second most abundant chemical component in cannabis. It has been found to have many health benefits, including reducing pain and inflammation, lowering anxiety, fighting cancer cells, reducing seizures and even slowing down the ageing process. 

Cannabis is also used topically in many ways: as an ingredient in skin care products or as a standalone product. The benefits of cannabis include anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness and irritation caused by acne breakouts or sunburns, while also promoting healthy cell growth. 

Cannabis Stores in Paris, France

The cannabis market in Paris is booming. There are numerous cannabis stores in the city, and Paris is counted among the location with the highest concentrations of marijuana outlets in Europe.

Moreover, it is not just the number of cannabis shops that stands out in Paris, but also their diversity. They come in all shapes and sizes: small boutiques with just a few products on display; larger outlets with dozens of strains; and even some that resemble small supermarkets.

In today’s StarInsights article, we are presenting you with the most popular cannabis stores in Paris based on their ratings and reviews on Google Maps as of 26 October 2022. The majority of the stores include CBD in their stores names, therefore, we searched using the term “CBD shops in Paris”. We obtained over 100 entries, then perused them and hand-picked the best-rated and most-reviewed as follows: 

Best-Rated Cannabis Stores in Paris, France 

Store Rating Number of reviews 
CBD Shop Paris AOMA 5.0 170
Green Vallée – CBD shop Paris 15 – Convention/Vaugirard 5.0 1716
Green Vallée – CBD shop Paris 17 – Batignolles/Clichy 5.0 1449
CBD SHOP PARIS 19 Boutique De CBD 5.0 337
Green Vallée – CBD shop Paris 9 – Faubourg-Montmartre 5.0 214
CBD LOVELY PARIS | Boutique CBD PARIS 13 5.0 213
CBD Paris 11- LA FEUILLE POSEE 5.0 255
Deli Hemp CBD Shop Paris 16 5.0 201
CBD SHOP PARIS (69 Rue de la Glacière HALL 10) 5.0 185
Boralia – CBD Shop Paris 15 5.0 252

Most-Reviewed Cannabis Stores in Paris, France 

Store Number of reviews  Rating 
LE LAB PARIS – CBD Shop 1918 4.8
Green Vallée – CBD shop Paris 15 – Convention/Vaugirard 1716 5.0
Green Vallée – CBD shop Paris 17 – Batignolles/Clichy 1449 5.0
Le Chanvrier Francais – Boutique CBD Paris 1304 4.9
Le Lab du Bonheur CBD Paris – Magasin de CBD 1084 4.8
Mama Kana – Boutique CBD Charlot 628 4.7
CBD House Paris – Shop et Livraison express 2h 494 4.9
Green Owl | Magasin CBD Paris 11ème 379 4.6
Origine CBD : Boutique CBD  354 4.9

The eKomi Commentary 

The cannabis culture is Paris is very prevalent as mentioned in the introduction, and it was confirmed from the data extracted from Google Maps. 

Twenty-nine cannabis stores were found to be 5.0-star rated. In order to compile this report, the number of reviews was further sorted from highest to lowest. This means the top 10 5.0-star rated with the highest number of reviews made it to our list. Congratulations to all these stores with stellar customer feedback.

On the “most-reviewed” chart, half of the entries have 1000 reviews and the rest ranges from 628 to 354 reviews. Ratings vary between 5.0 and 4.6 stars. This is some amazing customer feedback, eKomi highly praises such outstanding customer opinions.  

Across both charts, most of the stores featured are among the top results suggested by google when one user is looking for a CBD shop in Paris. This is due to their high ratings and excellent reviews. This fact strongly supports that customer feedback is essential to the brand positioning of businesses online

eKomi’s Contribution to Paris-based Cannabis Stores’ Digital Marketing

While visiting each store’s website, it was pleasant to notice that customer feedback is embedded into the product navigation page. However, it was not the case for all stores. With such positive feedback, it is a loss not to integrate your customers’ reviews into your digital platform. eKomi is urging CBD stores in Paris lacking this feature to act upon it. 

We are The Feedback Company, here to help you showcase the quality of your services and cannabis products. Our intelligent software will help streamline your review collection process for every single transaction you make. We screen them manually 24/7 and then release them onto your website while also synchronising them with your Google Seller Rating profile. Say hello to more visibility, traffic, and conversion rate. Contact us today to get started. 

In three months, we will conduct the same research to find out which cannabis store in Paris is ahead based on reviews and ratings on Google. Stay tuned to the eKomi blog for that. 

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