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CarSharing Companies in eKomi’s StarInsights™ Review Report

eKomi StarInsights™ Carsharing Report- A Comprehensive Benchmarking Series on User Ratings and Reviews has just been released.

(Berlin)  eKomi The Feedback Company today unveiled the second report in its StarInsights™  ratings benchmarking campaign, showcasing the best and most rated providers in the Carsharing industry.  Ratings and reviews have been undoubtedly proven as a key factor in the success and profitability of Carsharing for drivers and passengers alike. They are the lifeline of the exchange of services between provider and user. Furthermore, reviews support the overall quality of the community since they empower both parties to perform better. Over time accurate evaluations on experiences displayed as aggregate ratings are the deciding factors of whether one can continue as a driver or passenger.

Top Carsharing Services from past 12 months.

The rating systems vary by service but are all designed to do the same thing: match passengers with the best possible drivers, keep unfavorable individuals out of the system, and incentivize drivers to stay safe and deliver superior service.  Considering that health and safety combined with premium customer service are paramount to the success of Carsharing services staying above their respective competitor, eKomi’s #29032017 StarInsights™ study looks at the TOP Carsharing Services using aggregated Google Shopping Seller Ratings from the past 12 months:

Evaluating Google Seller Ratings.

We first considered the best rated Carsharing companies within the Automobile Industry in Europe and the United States. The study shows that comes in as the #1 BEST rated company scoring Seller Ratings of a 4.9 with no publicly active seller reviews. follows, by providing more than 1,500 public reviews with an average Star Rating of 4.6. takes the Third Top position online, with almost 900 reviews and an average Star Rating of 4.5.

Drive-Now, Car2go, Zipcar, Zoomcar and Getaround do not deploy a review and rating strategy leaving them vulnerable to reactive reviews which are displayed in search – nor are they being recognized by top search engines.  Companies with no reviews should certainly explore accreditation by Google’s official seller rating program to increase their customer loyalty and positive referrals.

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