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eKomi releases StarInsights™ on UK’s Online Cosmetics Stores

Best Online Cosmetics Stores UK

Top Online Cosmetics Stores UK

BERLIN, June 07, 2017eKomi, the world’s largest provider of user-validated ratings and reviews, has just released its StarInsights™ (Ref.# 30052017) study. It focuses mainly on the UK market and presents the list of the most reviewed and best-rated Online Cosmetics Stores. The study has used publicly released results of Google Seller Ratings and its aggregated system of ratings and reviews.

Beauty Products Market Forecast: the “Selfie” era

The UK faces currently a period of uncertainty that stagnates real wages and as a consequence undermines consumers’ spending. Nonetheless, the growth of real GDP should gradually rise, reaching 1.7% per year in the medium term. In regards to the beauty and personal care market, sales in 2016 were higher than the review period CAGR.

Colour Cosmetics experienced strong growth across most of its categories, particularly facial make-up and technique-based products, thanks to their popularity among millennials, and the influence of the “selfieculture” based on Euromonitor May ’17 report. Moreover, there has been an increased interest in technique-based products since following online trends of makeup tutorials and beauty tips, UK consumers tried to perfectionate their application techniques.

This forecasts a great opportunity for Online Cosmetics stores who can proliferate in favor of their earnings and get as much as possible of the market share. But, let’s assume, that most online cosmetics stores and using a user-friendly website, participating in social media channels interactively selling well-known brands and offering prominent customer services.

How can UK Online Cosmetics Stores differentiate themselves from their competitors and reach the top?

Without any doubt, one way to achieve online success is by building online trust and making customers feel safe and secure. This not only makes an existent customer loyal but also brings in new customers.

As many merchants now recognize, customer ratings and reviews are absolutely essential for success in the online marketplace – especially when those results are integrated into Google search. Although a comprehensive, user-friendly site is obviously crucial, public reviews build trust before visitors even click the site’s link, significantly increasing its chances of receiving traffic.

So, taking into consideration the undoubted importance of ratings and reviews, which are the TOP 5 most reviewed Online Cosmetics Stores in the UK?

Most Reviewed Online Cosmetics Stores in UK

Most Reviewed Online Cosmetic Stores UK

Beauty Bay is top of the line with a total of 45.459 reviews on Google Seller Ratings and an average star rating of 4,7;  it is currently the most reviewed Online Cosmetics Store in the UK! All beauty is not very far behind the best since it follows in the second position with almost half and a total of 25.732 reviews but with an almost perfect rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars; a total of 14.446 reviews and an average star rating of 4,8 for the third position and Feel Unique.  Up there with these dominating online cosmetics stores, we spotted Escentual which received 6.208 reviews.  Number #5 of the top five list is reserved for The beauty store with as many as 1.016 reviews up to date.

In the following section, StarInsights study ranks the TOP 5 Online Cosmetics Stores that managed to get the Best Star Ratings and are presented hereby:

Best-Rated Online Cosmetics Stores in the UK

Best-Rated Cosmetic Stores UK

QVC UK has received a 5 out of 5 Star Rating and occupies position number one in the category best-rated Online Cosmetics Stores. Joint second position for All beauty, Escentual and Cocktail Cosmetics with an almost perfect 4.9 out of 5 Star Rating. Feel Unique, is on the list of TOP 5 best-rated Online UK Cosmetics Stores with a 4.8 out of 5 Star Rating.

Underneath, you may find the complete list of the Online UK Cosmetics Stores that have received reviews and ratings in the past 12 months. All data are collected via Google Seller and are available in public.

Online Cosmetics Stores in the UK with no Active Reviews to date

Unter the same StarInsights ™ (Ref.# 30052017) study, we have spotted some Online Cosmetics Stores in the UK, that although received a Star Rating, have not yet released their public reviews, potentially leaving important space for their competitors to “approach” their customers.

It is quite interesting to see that QVC UK, scores a perfect 5 out of 5 Star Rating, but has been hesitant releasing its publics reviews or not being able to gather as many reviews needed to be open to public yet. Google, requests at least 150 active reviews before making them public, so those online stores who are interested in gaining online trust and retain loyal customers, need to find productive methods to get more reviews and ratings.

Here are those companies that have been rated but have not released in public any reviews yet:

Online Cosmetics Stores in the UK with neither Reviews nor Ratings

Last but not least, there are still those companies that are completely absent from the ratings and reviews results in Google. They seem to “ignore” the necessity of building online trust which will drive more traffic to their online stores, higher retention rates, and loyal customers. It is not a doubt, that companies that do not currently use customer feedback tools, potentially drive themselves to lose online credibility and trust.

“If these Online Cosmetics Stores wish to gain top spots, they’ll need to make a concerted effort to gather positive ratings and reviews over the next 12 months,” stated Michael Ambros, eKomi Founder and CEO. “We’ve seen time and again, across a wide range of sectors, that brands who activate their reviews and ratings see a dramatic leap in search engine referred traffic and a corresponding boost in revenue”, commented Ambros.

Reviews and ratings boost revenue-generating activities and inspire even more positive reviews – setting off a “virtuous cycle” in which a well-reviewed website’s popularity continues to skyrocket. Poor reviews, on the other hand, can set off a downward spiral: a site’s sudden disappearance from top search results can abruptly destroy its customer base.

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